ISA allowance and new tax year

Two quick questions:

  1. Can I transfer funds to my S&S ISA more than one time and up to 20k ? As I’d like to fund it slowly to help with the general monthly income I have.

.2. With the new tax year soon… how the ISA allowance work ?

Say I transfer 10k tomorrow but invest only 5k. Would the entire 10k always count against the 2019-2020 tax year even if partially invested ?

  1. Can I open a new ISA in the new tax year(2020/2021) on Trading212 ? Would that show up as a different section on the trading platform or separate from the 2019/2020 ISA ?


  1. Yes.
  2. The entire 10k that you deposit immediately counts towards the 20k limit, even if some remains as cash until you are ready to commit it to investments.
  3. All ISA contributions are accumulated in the same account. So you will see no special segregation between the 19-20 and 20-21 amounts.
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  1. So basically once the 10k are in they are tax free even if I invest in few weeks time after the 2019/2020 year has ended…

Yes. Its when you put the money in the account not the actions you do with it once deposited.

Apologies If I ask here…if I fund my account partly with credit card and my card expires in 8 months…how can I get my money back ? bank transfer ? Was reading in the faq that money will be returned with the original payment method so was wondering how that works with a credit card that is due to expire in few months.

Anyone knows the answer to my question above or shall I open a new topic ?

Just contact Trading212 and they can arrange another means of payment with you directly.