ISA or INVEST account!?

Hi all, this topic may have been covered so apologies if so.

I’m relatively new and looking to invest in a Pie.

I currently have an ISA account and like the look of a pie that I have found.

Being an ISA account holder, am I able to invest here for 25 years + @£100/m or will it stop once I reach the ISA limit of £20,000?

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Yes. Under present rules you can add up to £20,000 per tax year. So you could add £1666.66 pm.

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The above link should help you out.

The simple answer is you can deposit a maximum of 20k in each tax year, that can be split between one of each different type of ISA, but not two of the same.

You also get 12.3k of capital gains tax allowance for free each year, so for starting with £100 a month contributions, chances are it will be a while before you reach the point where an ISA would be beneficial.

You can deposit up to 20 000 GBP in your ISA for a financial year. If you setup pies with an AutoInvest deposit schedule, once the ISA allowance is reached, the recurring deposits will cease. Once the new financial year begins, you will have to setup the pies’ deposit schedule again.

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So the pies value will do continue to increase. (all being well) it’s just the deposits that would cease if £20,000 was reached?

So for example: I’m not able to max out £20,000 in a financial year due to income.

So depositing £1200 a year, year on year, will allow the pie to grow until I decide to withdraw the funds regardless of the type of account (ISA or Invest)

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Correct. I’m also going to go out on a limb and assume you are quite young. Have a look into a LISA as well. You can put in 4k a year, and the UK government will add 1k. You can use it to fund your first home, or your retirement. If you want access to the funds, then there is a penalty to do so.

Similarly, google how many people can actually beat an index tracker or fund.

Just food for thought, please do not take as advice :slight_smile:

Thanks again for all of the advice and food for thought.

You’re right I am relatively young and just starting out with stocks/shares etc However, have ticked off the first home hurdle so my current goal is to work towards being financially comfortable in the future.

Can anyone recommend any courses / educational material to assist with my knowledge and understanding?

Thanks again all.

@Karter25 Feel free to check our YouTube channel where you’ll find a lot of helpful content. In our Help Centre you can find also a lot of useful topics, and of course, you can rely on our 24/7 customer care team

@Y.M / @Wit any plans to update that channel with new content? Its looking a bit stagnant with the latest video over a year ago now.

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