ISA Selling issue

See picture below. My stock is making profit but if I sell then I loose the entire value of the stock. What the fuck is that about???

which stock is it? And which price did you buy it?

Looks like your account currency is GBP and the stock is USD, so the loss will be the currency conversion back to GBP where the exchange rate has moved non-favourably.

You can check the FX impact when you look at the stock in your portfolio. Here is an example where one of my stocks is not doing so well because of the exchange rate.

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Because although the price might have gone up and the BID (sell price) is over your average, the value of dollar has decreased since when you bought the stock.


But it doesn’t explain why I loose 43 ish pounds. I should loose a few pennies if that is the case mate

When you sell a stock surely the number underneath the share quantity should tell you the change in account balance after the action is performed…

The number below is the conversion from USD to GBP for the share. It is not your loss/gain


My bad :smiley:. Didn’t realise that

Thank you

seems to be one of those days today :rofl:

good luck weathering the storm to come :+1:

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No worries! We are here to help each other :grinning:

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You mean the crash people are thinking will happen?

One thing to note is the value here as an example £246.53 will constantly be changing as the dollar weakens or strengthens.

It’s simply the shares 35 X the BID $9.33 and how much that dollars is worth in pounds if you sold it all.

So the key thing is look at the overall return.

In this particular case I’ve made £2.61 just by buying when the pound was stronger against the dollar. You can’t really help time the buying and selling when the currency works in your favour which is why we all wanted multi-currency accounts to control when we convert back and forth.

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not so much a crash as the news that covid round2 has kicked off. the UK is about to enter the no-deal scenario we knew was coming but the market was hoping it wouldn’t and EU tensions amongst US and China tipping over.

It’s the start of a very interesting Christmas week this year.