iShares Edge MSCI EM Value Factor UCITS ETF | EMVL

Hi @Tony.V @PeterA , it’d be great if we could have EMVL (USD) available, or even its EUR variant (5MVL).

Also, is it possible to have fractional shares for IWMO (USD)? Since fractional shares are already available for its GBX variant (IWFM).



I posted recently asking for similar things. so yes please!

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+1 on this please!

While we are on the factor topic, thank you trading212 for making JPGL available in pies this week.

Would also like to see FLXE available as fractional too!

“The LibertyQ Emerging Markets Equity index tracks emerging market equities. The stocks are selected from the MSCI Emerging Markets index. The selection is based on quality, value, momentum and volatility.”