iShares MSCI France in Euro


I’d love to have iShares MSCI France (currently exchanged in London) exchanged in some European (in Euro) exchange


Thanks :slight_smile:

If this can’t be done, FR0010655704 from Euronext Paris would be a good substitute

IS3U & CF1 have been added to the platform and are both available in fractions.

Enjoy :handshake:


Any reason those are were not already in?
Should I look for all the stocks/ETfs I could be interested in, and suggest them to you guys?

There are a lot of French stocks I’d like to see, let me know if that’s a possibility.

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Our stock & ETF Universe is always expanding, based on our clients’ preferences, so your suggestions are more than welcome @Cubox.

We’ll do our best to add what we can. :v:

On the top of my head, I’d love to have FR0000035081 added
That would be the last stock on my old provider, and I’ll be able to switch entirely.

For the rest, I’ll let you know as I think of them.


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The above was just added as well, @Cubox :v:

Bought some :slight_smile:

Thanks again

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