ISUN spread is large today

Hi @Team212

The spread on ISUN is unusually large today (around 35-50cents or c.3%). It hasn’t been that large before, and on other stocks with similar price and volume the spread is a couple of cents. Please could you investigate?

Yeah this looks odd, Webull shows a 10-15cent spread - I guess bloomberg just isn’t updating with the correct bid-ask? It’s NASDAQ so can’t be explained away by the usual OTC stock caveats

Btw, the prices shown in the app don’t impact the prices you get when you execute orders so you should still be good to trade if you wanted to.

Edit: actually, spread as per webull lvl2 just hit 24c so maybe what is shown in T212 isn’t that off? It just isn’t updating as frequently as it could be?

cc. @phildawson

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Thanks for the info and reply - I was checking other brokers too, so maybe the refresh rate is the discrepancy as you say. Should a miracle happen and it goes green for me, I will be sure to use a limit sell.


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I thought Argo Blockchain had a wild spread today actually (saw 12p at times), much much more than I’ve seen preciously (but then hadn’t been looking before), however it has had a couple of crazy days which I put down to being the main reason? :man_shrugging:

ARB and PHE always seem to have large spreads of the UK stocks I watch, but today on ISUN is bigger than normal, and I’ve been watching it every day for a few weeks in case I am breakeven… haha

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