JEPI EU Alternatives Listed, Please Add to T212

London Stock Exchange JEPG USD
London Stock Exchange JEGP GBX
Deutsche Boerse JGPI EUR


any update from TR212 about this request ?

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I was.thinking about the same. Any update @Team212 ? Thanks

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Would love to have this added!

If I remember correctly the JPM actively-managed ETFs’ family were already asked several times before in the last months in the requests’ specific topic.

T212 due to their high innovation pipeline (new web platform, portfolio transfers, Card, ISAs, etc.), had paused the new ETFs and Stocks additions.

@Momchil.G , @Bogi.H , could perhaps shed more light about the new additions timeline restart.

Or just, could do an one-off addition exception about these requests, due to the multiple requests (avoiding the new requests related to them):

  • Could you please add the 2 versions (Accumulation and Distribution) and in the EUR / USD / GBP currencies for all T212 platforms (UK and Cyprus) ? :wink:

IE000WX7BVB0 - JPMorgan Global Equity Premium Income UCITS ETF USD (acc)
IE0003UVYC20 - JPMorgan Global Equity Premium Income UCITS ETF USD (dist)