Jupiter [discussion]

A thread dedicated to Jupiter Asset Management.

Current Investment Trusts available on 212:

CHRY Chrysalis Investments
JEFI Jupiter Emerging and Frontier Income
JUKG Jupiter UK Growth
JUS Jupiter US Smaller Companies

Not available at this point:
JGC Jupiter Green


Oof turning to the competition Douglas? :wink: want to point out any favourites?

Any that can compete with SMT?

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Probably not but I’m a fan of CHRY, recently sold out and now watching for a reentry point :slight_smile:

Their North American fund performance for the past 5 years hasn’t been that shabby either.

JEFI’s an interesting one. More of an income play as the name suggests. If I was to go the dividend route again, rather than hold a traditional high-yield portfolio, I think I’d put together a pie consisting of trusts like JEFI, JETI, CTY, BRNA, HFEL, CCJI and MYI.

I had a close look at investing in JUP itself once. If I remember rightly, it looked a decent company and made it to the final two for my asset management allocation but just lost out to Schroders.

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CHRYsalis Investment Trust released an update on their NAV as at 31st December 2020.


Holdings as at 25th February 2021

Portfolio Company % of investment portfolio
Klarna 15.4%
THG 15.3%
TransferWise 12.3%
Starling 11.1%
wefox 11.1%
Embark 9.4%
Graphcore 8.1%
Featurespace 5.9%
You & Mr Jones 5.8%
Secret Escapes 3.0%
Sorted 2.0%
Growth Street 0.2%
Cash 0.4%

Net Asset Value

The Company announces that as at 31 December 2020 the unaudited net asset value (“NAV”) per ordinary share was 180.75 pence.

The above NAV calculation is based on the Company’s issued share capital as at 31 December 2020 of 400,931,613 ordinary shares of no par value.

December’s NAV represents a 12.3% uplift since 30 September 2020, driven by the strong operational and financial progress of a number of assets - including several of the Company’s major assets - and the re-rating of listed comparable companies.

Overall my view is their NAV airs on the cautious side, and wait on an opportunity to re enter, but good news on the uplift.


Tried to get Jupiter Green added yesterday but yet another one that isn’t on IBKR.


CHRY Update today. +32p to NAV due to uplift in Klarna valuation. NAV now 212.75p


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Fancy new website.

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Details of the placement at 205p to CHRYsalis Investment Trust.

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Similarly the spike in THG today bodes well for CHRYsalis Investment Trust.

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Latest NAV 208.16p as at March 2021, a 15.2% uplift from December and currently trading around 198p.

It’s only tradable holding THG(8.9%) is down from 651p to 610p, so an impact of -0.56% post NAV.

Portfolio Composition

As of 25 May 2021 the portfolio composition was as follows:

Portfolio Company % of investment portfolio
Klarna 20.5%
Starling 8.9%
THG 8.9%
Wise 8.4%
wefox 7.5%
Embark 5.8%
Graphcore 5.2%
You & Mr Jones 3.9%
Featurespace 3.2%
Secret Escapes 2.4%
Sorted 1.5%
Growth Street 0.1%
Cash 23.8%

Wasn’t expecting CHRY to finish as strong today. Hopefully a sign of what’s to come!

Maybe due to Klarna. It had a recent series of funding and valuation. It represent about 20% of their May Portfolio.

Btw, Klarna is “close” to do it’s IPO.

That IT have at least 38% of its portfolio (25.05.2021) in FinTechs (Klarna, Starling, Wise). The other companies are complete strangers to me.

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Checkout what Graphcore do.

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Things might get interesting in the next couple of weeks.

Good to see a new all time high for CHRY.


I work out from this, an end of June NAV of 239p. Will find out in the coming weeks.

And just like that it hits 239!
What do you think the next IPO from their holdings would be? Klarna, Starling?

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235 and I’ll buy some more.


Probably this:


Then possibly Klarna, as I hope Starling expands more into Europe first before listing.

I would monitor the WISE and THG price movements as well before topping up more as well.