Kanabo Group to enter the LSE on 16th Feb

I believe Kanabo debuts on the LSE on 16th February. Could this possibly be added for investment on the launch date?

Many thanks.


It does not answer your question, but here is some more information

Kanabo recently closed their Series A funding and is now on course to move to the Capital markets. The Kanabo Group is currently pursuing a listing on the London LSE by reverse takeover of Spinnaker Opportunities PLC.
If you are interested in learning more about investment opportunities with the Kanabo Group, please complete the contact form and a member of our Investor Relations team will follow up with you directly.

It goes live tomorrow. Seems like it could be a good investment: London could be centre of Europe’s cannabis economy, says vape CEO (yahoo.com)

@David Is this on the radar ? Thanks


I have placed an order, aware of delay in execution in AIM market. Any updates on delays??