Key stats for stocks (similar to Robinhood)

Hi, it’d be great to get an overview of key data for a particular stock without having to do the analysis or refer to other platforms. I find myself doing this frequently when I need to do a quick evaluation. For example, Robinhood shows the following statistics very clearly for each stock:

  • Open - The value of the stock at market open
  • Volume - The number shares traded on Nasdaq during the day’s trading session
  • Average Volume - The average number of shares traded per day over the last 52 weeks, on all exchanges
  • 52-Week High - The stock’s highest value in the last 52 weeks
  • 52-Week Low - The stock’s lowest value in the last 52 weeks
  • Price Earnings Ratio - The stock’s price-per-share to earnings-per-share ratio
  • Dividend/Yield - The stock’s fiscal dividend yield

I don’t value the current day’s statistics as much as the long-term statistics because my portfolio is built around a long-term strategy. The data I’ve listed above does help me make some quick evaluations and identify where I might need to research more.

Thanks again for listening!


These are all good statistics, and I’d love to see them. But for long term strategy some extra info is needed. Some metric that takes into account debt (debt to equity and debt to capital ratios seem essential to me), and some tor the expected growth (PEG ratio or something similar)


Yeah, some good points here @Waltiz. I’d also love to see this information.