Kilroy Realty Corporation

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uhh… gonno add this to my bucket list actually :+1:

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Hopefully this gets added sooner then 2021. :partying_face:

T212, make us happy before Christmas 2020. :partying_face:

Maybe for St. Nicholas, inside the :hiking_boot:?

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Do you both think that office REITs will do well medium/long term?
Or do you just think that the fall has been too much?

I wanted to ask, would either of you suggest any appartment/housing or medical REITs for me to research? :smiley:

Well personally I don’t see this WFH as future.
Most big tech CEOs commented on the topic and mention collaboration and teamwork. Haven’t heard many business cancelled their office space, rather increase.

If nothing they see this hybrid model as ideal to be able to increase staffing, with similar office size.

So definitely don’t think we will see office apocalypse.

Regarding apartments, I am overweight there.

Made mistake waiting quarter conference call for AVB/ESS, so missed opportunity to fill out position before :rocket:

Medical REITs, currently no position. Had my eyes on MPW/OHI but never did DD further…

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One for you @Vedran :eyes:

Closing topic.