Lepidico Ltd AUB:FRA + ASX: LPD

please add

tickets AUB:FRA

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yes please add sounds like a good company :+1:

Dear @Team212

please add lithium mining stocks are getting big

@king @hockey7 @king I’m not sure what companies you’re referring to.

Does AUB:FRA mean AUB (Aubay) on Euronext Paris :fr: & LPD (Lepidico) on :australia: ?


sorry david lepidico ltd got two tickets i got them the wrong way round they are listed on

first ticket is FRA: AUB = Frankfurt stock exchange

second ticket is ASX: LPD = Australian Stock Exchange

@king Unfortunately, Interactive Brokers only have that stock available in :australia: - which is a market that we don’t currently support. Thus, we cannot add it.