Leverage in the new version of Trading212

Hi everyone!

I used Trading212 last year. But after some problems I stopped trading. Now I want to start trading with its software, but I cannot find the place of leverage for each trade. Also, all of the trades are based on units while I could trade with the amount instead. How can I change the units to amounts?
And where is the location of leverage in the trading page?


On mobile, scroll down all the way under the chart and company info. You’ll see “instrument details” I think it’s called.

Only CFDs have leverage. ISA/Invest doesn’t have leverage.

There is an instrument details, but I cannot change it!!
It is a fixed leverage !!

I know, but I cannot find the place of leverage neither in mobile app nor in the desktop app!!

Not aware that you can change leverage on retail account, it is fixed per instrument type. As far as I understood.

only option is to have professional account to get access to higher leverage. But it is probably fixed leverage as well.

In desktop it is on the far right side below the price, under “Additional Info”.

We don’t offer modifiable leverage since we can’t find any significant benefit for our clients.

Example : If you purchase 1 quantity of Tesla with either 1:1 or 1:10 leverage, your risk is still the same - 1 quantity of Tesla. If the stock doubles at value or falls to zero, your end profit/loss will be the same regardless the leverage used.

In regards to your second question, unfortunately, we don’t offer orders based on value for CFDs at the moment. Nevertheless, we’ll consider that!

Surely if you want 1:1 leverage you are better off trading in the Invest account, (unless you are wishing to avoid messing up a capital gains tax liability already present on that side.)

1:2 leverage and 1:5 leverage differ in that the first requires more 2.5 x more margin in the account. But you can achieve the same thing as 1:2 by holding that extra margin in or outside the account, beyond what is required for 1:5.

How does leverage work? I was under the impression (never used it before) that a 1:10 leverage will allow you to use 10x of your capital for a trade… so your end profit/loss would be significantly greater too.
Maybe you meant end profit/loss percentage will be the same? :slight_smile:

No Martin was right, he is basically saying that it is the quantity of the position that matters not the leverage. A higher leverage just allows you to take a larger position as there is a lower margin requirement. Being able to lower the leverage wouldn’t give you any real advantage as you could just take a smaller position with higher leverage for the same effect.


Thanks. But, I want to use leverages at the beginning with the lower amounts and after gaining more experiences, I would like to increase it step by step. So, it would be better I think if you give this permission to the customers to change the leverages themselves.

I wish you enable orders based on value as well for CFDs. This would help customers to managing their AUM better in my opinion.