Leverage X3 stocks tesla X3 apple x3

Anyone tried to leverage X3 apple,X3 tesla stocks? Made money etc

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i want to but scared lol, might try apple x3 but not tesla as it way to volitile at the moment

Haha I think the min is 100 pounds? I’m guessing how it works is your basically trying to determine if the price will go up or down?

There’s already a (somewhat) official thread here: let’s try keeping discussion in one place otherwise it dilutes conversation…


Hey @Dman @jake4456,

Hopefully the thread @Alpha mentions below can answer some of your questions.

But to summarize, these products aim to multiple the daily returns of Tesla and Apple, respectively.

For the 2x products:

  • If the underlying stock rises 3%, this product rises 6% (adjusted for fees included in its price) and vice versa. Same rationale for the 3x products.

For the -1x products (replicates short position):

  • If the underlying stock drops 3%, this aims to rise 3% (adjusted for fees included in its price) and vice versa.

I kinda like them. But noticed when the stocks (leveraged) goes down it’s hard to sell them even on market price (I guess nobody is buying). Always diversify such stocks like 50/50 apple/tesla. Once I had -10% on a single stock and was unable to sell it just watch how it keeps going down :slight_smile:

This is probably the only time I will say that CFDs are less risky than buying stocks. At least you can get out of the CFD version quickly.

Just buy 3x Apple to replicate the 3x Apple stock.

Or Sell 1x Apple replicate the -1x Apple Stock.

edit: actually forget that. I just noticed that some of those 3x leveraged stocks are cheaper than buying the CFD equivalent.

@Oktay Can we expect leveraged shares to be fractional soon? I would like to have them in my pie as part of my portofolio with autoinvest :slight_smile:

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Hi @Dominykas,

I wish I had an answer for you, but this depends on the risk department of T212. I see that fractions are offered only on the 2x Amazon (2AMZ) for now. Let’s see if they can offer them soon on some of the others as well.

How would you account for the daily nature of them in a pie?

Hi @Dominykas,

Please take a screenshot if you have such issues getting out of position in a timely manner again. The dedicated market maker, BNP Paribas, is making continuous bid/ask prices - so we’d like to know if there are issues.


Hi, @Oktay
Is there any plan to add additional Shares to Leverage Shares?

Also, on some days,
Both the 2x and -1x are either negative or both positive.
Is this possible?

Fractional shares from Trading212, eagerly waiting…

Hi @vvsvin,

New products: I’m glad you asked - there is indeed :slight_smile: I cannot discuss them yet, but you will see them soon enough.

-1x and 2x move in same direction: Yes, it is possible (although should not happen often). You should think of the price of the US listed stocks not just as stocks that trade between the US market open and the close, but as continuously trading in pre-market, market hours, post-market and beyond. So even when the US market is closed, market makers are still posting quotes based on news, last trades, etc. And of course, when both markets are open, they should move together (no market maker would offer bid/ask based on prices not correlated with the US stock).

Since the ETPs trade in the UK, they will be influenced by:

  1. How the US market closed
  2. Any news that came out between US close and UK (LSE) open
  3. Supply and demand on the ETP itself

Although on a daily basis it may seem that the % change on the ETP does not match what happened to the US stock, this is mainly due to the difference in trading hours. Here is how Tesla, Inc (TSLA, blue), Xetra-listed Tesla stock (TL0, red) and 2x Tesla (TSL2, orange) have moved last since last month - I think you’d agree that they do move in unison.

There is fractional for amazon already

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Thank you for the detailed clarification.
Looking forward for the new products and also to make existing fractional.

Amazon 2x is the only fractional one, i assume this one is made fractional for trial purposes!!!

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Others Fractional process started!!! :clap: :clap:
Thank you @Trading212 for making these fractional.

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o shit! Just noticed :slight_smile: