Turn off leverage?

New to this platform
Just added cash to account.
Went to Apple
Placed 1 in box and bought
Account shows 1
Price 252 etc
Blocked funds
So it looks like I bought 1 whole share
A few quid out of account and a blocked amount
I was expecting my account minus 252 as balance
Any help appreciated

If you wish to trade CFD on this platform you’ll need to use leveraging. There’s no way to remove or adjust it. The only way to trade leverage free on this platform is to use the Invest or ISA accounts.

Thanks for the help
So it’s possible to end up owing more than deposited amount or it it automatically limited?

No. They have Negative Balance Protection installed and so worst case scenario is your open positions will be closed out and your account balance will be zero.

Thanks again rocky
So if I buy 3 Apple around 1k then I can leave these to stew as it were without waking up to find I have to sell my house :smiley:

No problem and yes you could, 1K would be your maximum potential loss in that instance.