List of Stocks With Increased Margin Requirements

Angle? although i appreciate you are the troll of T212 post, i am actually surprised you would believe T212 CFD processes are not one to complain about, i understand that is above your capability.

The percentage loss you quote of CFD accounts has nothing to do with why people are complaining about CFD changes, try reading post rather than wanting to have a comment posted!

It is T212 business management skills, spreads which can be 20% of the overall stock value, inability to communicate effectively, and poor customer service etc which leads people to post Their CFD experiences.

I really wish you would educate yourself on CFD’s, as you would then understand why T212 customers have a RIGHT to voice their concerns on this forum. It isn’t just for Invest and ISA account users, and it is Factual experiences.

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Obviously these are stressful times for all of us - people in this community and Trading 212’s staff.
As Vedran hints, it may even get “worse” if Trading 212 decides to decrease the margins back to normal in a few days. Either way, let’s not be given to pointless quarrelling.
I am sure your expressed frustration will be taken into account.


Because I like to pay attention to my fans. I am not one of those, when get rich and famous, to forget all that helped them on the path to glory. :slight_smile:

Your post makes very little grammatical sense, so I didn’t bother trying to decipher what it meant.

Thanks though Redvan, have a lovely evening!

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Which broker are you with now?

Anybody else with other CFD broker options?

Any broker can change the rules at any point.

From T212s pov it would be reckless not to adjust to protect their business. If that makes it harder for CFD customers to make money, that’s obviously what they’ve had to balance.

Kind of stuck being a rock and hard place.

Is the main concern lack of communication, combined with a relatively short time frame to adjust to the new rules?

That seems to be a reoccurring theme.

Speaking from an Invest/ISA pov the communication does need to improve. Take the recent ISA stocks which weren’t eligible. It was a bit of a bulls up which could have been dramatically improved with being transparent and getting a quick Q and A sticky post and notifying those affected.

Same goes with the Crypto FCA rule, sure the decision was fairly recent but it’s been on the books for ages. It feels like something that could have been emailed to all customers immediately, especially those affected. Maybe even implement a warning label on the instruments like BTCE affected to make people aware.

Don’t get me started on chat support.


I can agree with you on most facts, but not in how they are presented.

I would agree also that it is in fact on community to point to flaws of product/t212/communication.

But there are constructive approaches…

What I seen is bunch of flame posts who on top of credible facts had added superlative likescam *robbery * etc.

Maybe if you tone down emotions, a bit. Maybe more reasonable communication channel with T212 can be established.

Ps for grammerpolice, sorry I don’t care.

  1. People tend to get emotional when their finances are suddenly at elevated and unclear risk.
  2. It shouldn’t be up to the community to open up these channels.

#2 leads to #1 and repeat.

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Yes this isn’t helpful to the discussion when you get people chirping in with things like calling it a scam or shady.

It’s easy to see why they do that when money is at stake and you’re on the losing end. Emotions can overtake the logical side of why this is happening.

It’s clear to me that this isn’t a cash grab, but the short timeframe for people to deal with the margin puts a lot of small CFD traders in a sticky place being forced to take a loss through no fault of their own.

Anyway I see that people want to voice their opinion before leaving for another broker or sticking with it and bearing the temporary changes.

Hopefully T212 have their notebook out and taking notes on future changes.

Lots more heads up, lots more communication with their customers.

What would be good is to have a consistent approach to dealing with posts so it’s not who shouts the loudest gets a reply. Possibly employ a staff member who’s sole task is forum duties and officially answering questions. I personally would like to see a lot more FAQ style threads where the OP is updated with answers without having to deal with scanning 100+ posts to find the answer. I noticed @Supraman had done an excellent job with a thread on CFD and it really should be T212 instigating it.

The leaders have had a hell of a job recently collating a million threads together. Kudos to them for the forum not turning into a pigsty.




Thank you very much! :blush:

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Hi Phil hope all is well with you, its been a while :wink:

i totally agree with you, of course any broker can change its rules, please bare in mind its a CFD platform so 1:2 leverage is pretty much unheard of. T212 can change the rules and that’s what T212 seem to hide behind as a defense of poor management.

T212 has become so cloudy to put it mildly, the word transparency doesn’t seem to be understood, it’s quite bullying type of behaviour.

First it started with very extreme spreads, some topics have screen shots 50c-$50 (i sent you the BRQS 1 dollar stock with 20%+ spread). These spread affect the charts horrifically practically making them unusable, and can close you out of positions even though the spread is nothing like the bid/ask price. You have to place limit orders as the extreme price changes which seems like each second, not to forget the suspended instruments during price surges.

Its the child like communication of T212 which is shocking for me. Customer service isn’t rocket science, why is it so difficult for T212 to communicate effectively.

T212 Sent a push notification 16:13 Weds 25th Nov stating Margin will be 50% and Leverage will change 1:2 (1:5 previously) towards ALL stocks on Fri 27th Nov from 14:30. This is less than 24 hours for UK stocks and 1 hour for US as market closed early Wednesday and not open on Thursday due to thanks-giving)…

People started closing their positions/funding their accounts on Thursday fearing what would arise on Friday to their CFD positions.

After many post on the forum on Thursday of the inappropriate notification method, and inadequate time to close positions/fund accounts (which FCA would more than likely compensate customers), its then stated by T212 that it will allow until Tues 1st dec 15:30 before it makes the 50% Margin and 1:2 Leverage changes towards ALL stocks (UK, US etc).

Today at 17:51 a push notification states 75 stocks are affected in the 1:2 leverage change with a link to the stocks. That’s not even 5% of T212 CFD Stocks. The forum post by T212 staff states no more stocks will be affected.

T212 don’t seem to have the capability to respect it’s customers, it could have provided the list of 75, but it preferred to choose this rushed, and extremely misguided process.

I’ve been using this forum for several months, and T212 don’t seem to learn from their mistakes so i take it the same staff members have maintained their management positions. My post has really been to voice my annoyance, and make people aware to opt for a different CFD broker, rather than have hope for change.

Sorry for the delay in typing, i was walking my dogs :smiley:


Quick reminder for everyone to follow the community guidelines when posting. Posts that don’t follow them can be flagged by other users and hidden from view.

I do remember the thread o’ spread. Where some of the small caps were totally impossible to get into green unless you were prepared to keep the position open for a couple months and prayed the run kept going. I stopped following that as it was unnecessarily winding me up. I assume they all are still available.

Without going off on a tangent the customer support is one issue that’s a concern over all CFD/Invest/ISA that I hope changes in 2021.

I find T212 excellent in the ISA/Invest side until I have an issue. Namely these two the vast majority:

A: I can’t cancel a pending stock for a random time, added points if it’s a market order.

B: The Bloomberg quote data feed on AIM stocks are awful in comparison to other brokers like AJ and HL.

The battle to go through is ridiculous where the customer is responded to like its their first week of trading.

It feels like a lot of the time staff are venturing into the forum under their own steam to be helpful, rather than it being someone’s actual job.

I feel bad everytime I @David because he can give a decent answer.


I can definitely understand the frustrations. But really it’s still better than all being 2:1. If you want to reopen your positions you can, and the damage has been reduced than all stocks being 2:1 and not being reopened, or only opened to a fraction of the size.
Instead of being pessimistic and looking at the communication issues, be optimistic and say they’ve done the best they can to make things better again. These changes are quick, they update you as soon as they are certain of the change, as I’m sure you’d be more annoyed if they said they’ll only limit it to some stocks and changed it to all.

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I agree, i don’t believe it’s any of the forum staff members that have commented on our post, they are simply providing us with the information that’s been fed to them, so i do hope david etc is aware my frustrations are those which make the decisions, definitely not guided at them personally.

I started this thread so maybe I can end it:

Some things could have been better, but other things could have been worse.

Good night.

What could’ve been worse?

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I’m sorry but I think you may be a little out of touch.

You cannot reopen your positions and/or hedge despite this change.

Additionally, there is no formal and public guidance or acknowledgement on swap rates and adjusted base spread which is related to this topic too.

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Does that mean the spreads, swaps and margins are going back to normal soon? And that all the instruments that have a maximum traded quantity of 0 will be restored?

And we’re getting all our crypto back? :wink: