List of Stocks With Increased Margin Requirements

Is that the final list, or more stocks will be added?

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@Alien We’re currently not planning on raising the margin requirements for additional instruments.


Does this mean that the long positions will be reopened soon on stocks? In particular ones where margin hasn’t changed.

As the increased margin was due to the current volatility on specific stocks and sectors.

Can you take off the limit on the long positions? Now that margins have been increased?

So some stocks will remain at 1:5?

Lmao all the good stocks. What a joke of a broker preventing people from making money

I’d love to be a fly on the wall at T212, i’m unsure how customers are able to trust T212 if its now been decided to just change 75 stocks. To inform customers ALL stocks will be 1:2, have people close positions, to then state its only 75, it’s so concerning T212 are allowed to work within the financial market with it’s processes, policies, and procedures.

Reminder: Upcoming Increase in Margin Requirements
We would like to remind you that Today, the 1st of December 2020, after 15:30 GMT, we will be gradually raising the margin requirements for all CFDs on stocks to 50%. The change will be temporary until market conditions stabilize.

T212 website then goes on to state:
The leverage will decrease to 1:2 meaning that the margin requirements will be 50%. That means you will need 50% of the total value of the trade to guarantee your position.


I believe most traders here are newbies and trading212 abuses that. You cant justify staying with this broker after all this stuff


At first I thought “Wow, only 75 stocks affected. That’s nice of them.”

But when you put it like that, I agree it’s not very fair.


@Hectares Conditions have slightly changed since the margin increase was first announced and we did not wish to fully implement a policy that we know is unpopular where we can avoid it.


Of course they’ve changed, a load of people have closed positions due to T212 inaccurate information!


Err, I am trying to cope with all this CFD drama.

First it was announced changes coming for all stock. That was bad, right?

Now the message goes , just specific stock are undergoing changes. So this is also bad?

So, what is the good scenario I wonder?
I think you have negative/skeptic view towards T212 and consider each act as scheme/plot to rob common trader of their money.

Whilst dose of scepticism is reasonable, I wonder why you are waisting time on T212 and community with such negative outlook? :slight_smile:

Surely there should be some other broker that offers similar, stress and pain free?


No surprise you would reply.

I won’t try and explain to you, as you have read PLENTY of post on the subject of CFD, but yet still can’t understand the implications this has on T212 CFD customers, oh i forgot it doesn’t affect you!


Well if you represent the “common” CFD customer.

Then good luck T212.

Because no matter what they do, there will always be angle to complain from. :slight_smile:


Didn’t know I had to be part of statistics aka 76% losing, in order to comment. “Fire up CFD account to lose quick buck, so I can comment on CFD topics.”

Lmao bro what are you even saying. If you were trading CFDs you’d realize how bad this platform is, and guess what some of us make way more money than you’ll make traditionally investing

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So if product offered is bad, move on to the better. There must be plenty of great CFD brokers.

:wave: @martinjbell

Or use the community board to help make the product better! Who would’ve thought…

EDIT: not sure why you’re tagging me - can you explain @Vedran?

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Don’t worry I’ve already moved haha. I’m now posting this for others to realize there are better options than this shady ass broker.

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It’s offensive how oversimplified you think everything is, but by looking at your profile, you’re a self-described troll, wow.

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Hmm flame posts have always made products better. Indeed. I agree.

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