LKN delisted... but trading again on another ticker?

Pretty simple question, but since it was delisted from the NASDAQ, it’s now trading again on another ticker (LKNCY), but T212 is just stuck declaring it’s been suspended.

Pretty frustrating, and potentially costly

This is now OTC. LKNCY is listed on IBKR, so I assume it’s just a matter of time before T212 updates this.

Sadly, as we all know, time is a key factor in momentum and as it’s already trading on other platforms.

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For sure. It was announced last week that NASDAQ would suspend trading of LK and it would be traded OTC as LKNCY, so the momentum is only going one-way if you were holding a position over the weekend.

I don’t believe T212 have gained full access to OTC markets. This could take a while, worst case, your position will be liquidated at best possible execution.

I didn’t I realise I had a short call against them still open, any guesses as to what will happen to that on trading 212

Anyones guess at the moment, as @martinjbell said, it’ll either be closed at ‘a price’, or roll on to the new ticker.

Loses will be somewhat protected by the retail limit, but potential gains, who knows.