‘Login expired’

I’ve been trying to log in to the desktop version on my Mac. Whenever I do it says ‘login expired’ immediately. I’ve tried all sorts, and made sure I’m logged out on the app. Any ideas how I can get in?

It usually happens, at least to me, when I login in via a different source, let’s say the phone. It can;t stay connected on 2 different ones

Yeah I thought that maybe the issue; but I am logged out of everything on my phone before trying the Mac…

Than it is quite strange to be honest. Hopefully it is just a momentarily glitch and if it is not going away you better tag some of the members of the help desk here to help you out

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@George @David any ideas?

Are you running any browser extensions or addons ?
Is it only happening today?

I don’t think so…

I’ve logged into it before on my Mac… I’ve cleared all my cookies in case that was somehow doing it. Still nothing.

Checking as we speak.

Are you running the latest macOS? If so alt-click or right-click on location bar > settings for this site > the second selection box… is it set to on? If so turn it off:

Schermafbeelding 2021-01-11 om 13.30.42

Don’t know if it helps. Sometimes it solves all problems on a site for me.

All seems to be fine on our end - we’ve made several tests to confirm that. I suspect it might be related to your local network or the case suggested above by @chantal. Can you try using a different browser, just so we can confirm?

To be honest I am just having the same issue now. Only from my phone (android now). The web version is working fine

Working now anyway. Must’ve been something stuck somewhere

For some reason I can get on with a device that’s completely unconnected (a friends Mac), but not my own. Clearly something my end…