Low cost ETFs list

I collected list of ETFs from https://monevator.com/low-cost-index-trackers/

Name Ticker TER/OCF Availability
UK large cap equity
HSBC FTSE All Share Index Fund Institutional GB0030334345 0.02%
Lyxor Core Morningstar UK ETF LU1781541096 0.04%
Fidelity Index UK Fund P GB00BJS8SF95 0.06%
HSBC FTSE All Share Index C GB00B80QFX11 0.06%
UK mid cap equity
Vanguard FTSE 250 ETF VMID 0.10%
L&G UK MID Cap Index Fund I GB00BQ1JYX87 0.14%
Xtrackers FTSE 250 ETF LU0292097317 0.15%
UK small cap equity (no tracker)
Schroder Institutional UK Smaller Companies GB0007893984 0.52%
iShares MSCI UK Small Cap CUKS 0.58%
Cavendish Opportunities Fund C GB00B9F9Z985 0.65%
Baillie Gifford British Smaller Companies B GB0005931356 0.67%
UK value equity
7IM UK Equity Value Fund C GB00BWBSHV64 0.35%
Vanguard FTSE UK Equity Income Index GB00B59G4H82 0.22%
WisdomTree UK Equity Income ETF WUKD 0.29%
SPDR S&P UK Dividend Aristocrats ETF UKDV 0.30%
World equity – developed world and emerging markets total world)
HSBC FTSE All-World Index Fund C GB00BMJJJG09 0.18%
Vanguard Lifestrategy 100% Equity Fund GB00B41XG308 0.22%
Vanguard FTSE Global All Cap Index Fund GB00BD3RZ582 0.24%
Fidelity Allocator World Fund Y GB00B9777B62 0.25%
Vanguard FTSE All-World ETF VWRL 0.25%
World equity – developed world only
Fidelity Index World Fund P GB00BJS8SJ34 0.12%
Lyxor Core MSCI World ETF LCWL 0.12%
L&G Global 100 Index Trust I GB00B0CNH056 0.14%
World ex-UK equity
L&G International Index Trust I GB00B2Q6HW61 0.13%
Vanguard FTSE Dev World ex-UK Equity Index GB00B59G4Q73 0.15%
Aviva Investors International Index Tracking SC2 GB00B2NRNX53 0.31%
Xtrackers FTSE All-World ex-UK XWXU 0.40%
World value equity
Vanguard Global Value Factor ETF VVAL 0.22%
Xtrackers MSCI World Value Factor ETF XDEV 0.25%
iShares Edge MSCI World Value Factor ETF IWVL 0.30%
Lyxor SG Global Value Beta ETF SGVL 0.40%
World small cap equity
L&G Global Small Cap Index Fund IE00BG0VVG79 0.20%
iShares MSCI World Small Cap ETF WSML 0.35%
Vanguard Global Small-Cap Index Fund VIGSCA 0.38%
Emerging markets equity
iShares Cores MSCI Emerging Markets IMI ETF EMIM 0.18%
Fidelity Index Emerging Markets Fund P GB00BHZK8D21 0.20%
Xtrackers MSCI Emerging Markets Index ETF XMME 0.20%
Amundi ETF MSCI Emerging Markets ETF AUEG 0.20%
Socially responsible investing
L&G UK Equity ETF IE00BFXR5R48 0.05%
Xtrackers ESG MSCI World ETF XZW0 0.20%
Royal London Emerging Markets ESG Leaders Equity Tracker GB00BZ8FWL65 0.30%
iShares Sustainable MSCI Emerging Markets SRI ETF SUSM 0.35%
Lyxor FTSE UK Quality Low Vol Dividend DOSH 0.19%
Invesco Global ex UK Enhanced Index Fund Y GB00BZ8GWR50 0.23%
Invesco UK Enhanced Index Fund Y GB00BZ8GWW04 0.23%
HSBC Multi Factor Worldwide Equity ETF HWWA 0.25%
Amundi ETF Global Equity Multi Smart Allocation Scientific Beta ETF SMRU 0.40%
Lyxor JP Morgan Multi-Factor World Index ETF LYXW 0.40%
Property – UK
iShares UK Property ETF IUKP 0.40%
iShares MSCI Target UK Real Estate ETF UKRE 0.40%
Property – global
L&G Global Real Estate Dividend Index I GB00BYW7CN38 0.20%
iShares Global Property Securities Equity Index Fund D GB00B5BFJG71 0.22%
SPDR Dow Jones Global Real Estate ETF GBRE 0.40%
The SPDR ETF includes emerging markets exposure.
L&G All Commodities ETF BCOM 0.15%
Invesco Bloomberg Commodity ETF CMOD 0.19%
Lyxor Commodities Thomson Reuters/CoreCommodity CRB TR ETF CRBL 0.35%
iShares Physical Gold ETC SGLN 0.25%
ETFS Physical Swiss Gold ETC SGBS 0.25%
db Physical Gold ETC XGLD 0.25%
Gold trackers are Exchange Traded Commodities ETCs).
UK Government bonds – intermediate duration
Lyxor Core FTSE Actuaries UK Gilts GILS 0.07%
Vanguard UK Government Bond ETF VGOV 0.12%
SPDR Barclays UK Gilt ETF GLTY 0.15%
Vanguard UK Gov Bond Index IE00B1S75374 0.15%
L&G All Stocks Gilt Index Trust I GB00B8344798 0.15%
UK Government bonds – long
SPDR Barclays Capital 15+ Year Gilt ETF GLTL 0.15%
Vanguard UK Long-Duration Gilt Index fund GB00B4M89245 0.15%
UK Government bonds – short
Lyxor FTSE Actuaries UK Gilts 0-5Y ETF GIL5 0.07%
JPMorgan BetaBuilders UK Gilt 1-5 ETF JG15 0.10%
SPDR Barclays Capital 1-5 Year Gilt ETF GLTS 0.15%
iShares UK Gilts 0-5 ETF IGLS 0.20%
UK Government bonds – index-linked
Lyxor FTSE Actuaries UK Gilts Inflation-Linked GILI 0.07%
Vanguard UK Inflation Linked Gilt Index fund GB00B45Q9038 0.15%
L&G All Stocks Index Linked Gilt Index Trust I GB00B84QXT94 0.15% OCF
iShares Index Linked Gilt Index Fund D GB00B83RVT96 0.16%
International bonds hedged to £ (government and corporate)
iShares Core Global Aggregate Bond ETF AGBP 0.10%
Vanguard Global Short Term Bond Index IE00BH65QG55 0.15%
Vanguard Global Bond Index IE00B50W2R13 0.15%
iShares Global Government Bond ETF IGLH 0.25%
Xtrackers Global Sovereign ETF XGSG 0.25%
International inflation-linked bonds hedged to £
Xtrackers Global Inflation Linked Bond ETF XGIG 0.25%
Royal London Short Duration Global Index Linked Fund M GB00BD050F05 0.25%
L&G Global Inflation Linked Bond Index I GB00BBHXNN27 0.27%
Smith & Williamson Global Inflation Linked Bond Fund X IE00B7RG6563 0.32%
Royal London Global Index Linked Fund Z GB00B53R4H74 0.39%
UK Corporate bonds
L&G Sterling Corporate Bond Index Fund I GB00B4M01C47 0.14%
L&G Short Dated Sterling Corporate Bond Index Fund I GB00BKGR3H21 0.14%
Vanguard UK Investment Grade Bond Index IE00B1S74Q32 0.15%
iShares £ Ultrashort Bond ETF ERNS 0.09%

My plan is to fill the availability column going forward.
May be some are already available, would be great if some/all of these are added to the available instruments.


@kannaiah We added a few of the missing ETFs. Enjoy!

Xtrackers ESG MSCI World - XZW0
iShares GBP Ultrashort Bond - ERNS
Vanguard Global Value Factor - VVAL
SPDR Barclays Capital UK Gilt - GLTY
iShares MSCI World Small Cap - WSML
Amundi MSCI Emerging Markets - AUEG
iShares Global Government Bond - IGLH
Invesco Bloomberg Commodity - CMOD
WisdomTree Physical Swiss Gold - SGBS
Lyxor FTSE Actuaries UK Glits 0-5Y - GIL5
iShares Sustainable MSCI Emerging Markets SRI - SUSM


Thanks, thought of updating the table but It seems I cannot edit my post.

Some excellent stuff in there…poor FT!!!

If, for example, you wanted to check CMOD was offered on a particular platform you could either search directly by ISIN IE00BD6FTQ80 using the following URL

or go to https://finki.io/finkiSearch/search.php type in CMOD and “Search”

Basic - but useful to see who offers what!

The range of ETFs on T212 looks strong! Congrats!

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Could there be an addition of The Vanguard Australian Shares Index ETF (VAS) in the future?

@Assets247 Sure thing, although it’ll probably take a while. VAS doesn’t appear to be listed anywhere outside AU, which we don’t have access to just yet.

If I had to guess a timeline, It would be no sooner than mid Q2 2020.

Im still a little disappointed there aren’t more available on trading 212.Will more be added soon? Also i wish they displayed more jnformation about them such as top holdings, ocf and other stats like the stocks.