Major US Indices in GBP

Does anyone know of any ETF’s tracking any of the major US indices but trading in GBP rather then USD?

Considering the current GBP/USD levels, I’d prefer to avoid the FX impact.


Try justETF and search for ETFs they include hedged in the name. You’ll need to be careful on the type of hedge they do.

Are you looking to avoid the 0.15% FX fee, or remove the gbp/usd volatility if the pound gets stronger?

Hi thanks for the response.

Only looking to avoid the FX volatility. Considering how strong USD currently is, and likelihood that in 12-18months we’ll see normal levels returning i.e. stronger GBP, I would much rather avoid that potential downside.

I’ll look into justETF and see what I can find, but I’d be surprised there isn’t something out there already. Would have thought it would be quite popular i.e. straight investing into US indices without the FX volatility.

Could this be it? Thoughts?

justETF - UBS ETF (IE) S&P 500 ESG UCITS ETF (hedged to GBP)

Not on T212 :frowning:

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Yes think so - I would also consider - a lot of US securities derive their income from global sources, so although you are investing in US based companies, any profit/loss will be linked somewhat to global volatility. As such, does a hedge help?

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True, there’s no way of getting away from the currency volatilities entirely, but I think since you’re investing in an index of what are meant to be best performing companies, I see the primary driver being market sentiment and longer term macroeconomics (inflation being the main one today), so the FX volatility that seeps into the companies P&L’s, is far less than that which would directly affect me if was to invest in USD, instead of GBP.

But I have another question - I’ve now found the right equivalents of S&P ETF in GBP on T212, but when compared to the USD equivalent, on the same time period & scale (1 Day from Nov-2020) the charts are not aligning… am I doing something wrong?

See attached image. Top is USD and bottom two is GBP.

In GBP, I’m supposedly investing at the peak of the S&P500?

If it doesn’t have “hedged” in the name, being listed on GBP doesn’t change anything; the FX fluctuations will be backed into the GBP price.

This appears to be the case in your example; a hedged GBP fund would more closely match its USD counterparty, while the one you are showing seems to follow FX fluctuations.

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Very interesting - that makes complete sense. Thank you for explaining that.

Are you aware of any GBP hedged US indices on T212?

IGUS is S&P 500 GBP Hedged (Acc)
IWDG/IGWD is MSCI World GBP Hedged (Dist/Acc)

You can find a couple more searching for “GBP Hedged” in the App. Maybe a few more wouldn’t show, if they boast another syntax (think “(hedged)” instead of “hedged”)

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Exactly what I was looking for - thanks again :ok_hand:

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@Michaelz, we’ve added UBS Irl ETF plc - S&P 500 ESG UCITS ETF (5ESG). Enjoy! :raised_hands:

Great, thanks a lot!