Make pending orders clickable/edit

In advanced view there are lots of comments about the righthand panel in the advanced view. Please can you make the pending orders clickable and ideally make it possible to edit them.

To maximise the screen area available for charts I want to have the righthand panel set to the minimum width. That’s generally fine but for the pending orders it generally means I can’t see the trigger price for the order. It would be great if hover-over enabled a details popup to show all of the information. Also ideally I want to be able to adjust orders and they aren’t displayed on the chart (and aren’t draggable on the chart) so I’d like to be able to click an order and edit it.

There is a lot of wasted space in the righthand panel. Please can the panel be restructured to move the essential sections up and to make much better use of space.


Thank you for the feedback. I’ve passed it on for consideration :pray: