Make possible to buy 3x leveraged Sp500 etf 3USL through fractions

Hi,congrats for the addition of QQQ3, 3GOL and 3USL,I’m happy you have listened us
Still missing 3TYL,I hope you will add it soon
And make all those leveraged etfs available for the Demo version too :wink:
Thanks trading212 :wink:


And can you allow to buy 3USL using fractions ? It is way too much expensive untill Wisdom is gonna do the etf splitting as they recently did for QQQ3

Make also fractionable all those leveraged etfs (3usl,3tyl,3gol and qqq3) in order to be able to create Leveraged Pies :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :love_you_gesture:t2:
Thanks @Team212

Will come in due course xD we might get a massive surprise before then though. as it may seem too soon for fractional leverages when many older listing are still in the queue.

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Please,I understand you have a lot of requests but make LETFS fractionable asap ! There are a lot of investors,including me, wanting to use exciting Leveraged portfolio strategies like Hedgefundie,AllSeason 3x leveraged etc
We are all coming from bogleheads forum :point_left: :point_left: :point_left:
We are counting on you @Dao

I am not staff, just a community member and can’t get you requests passed any faster than normal. There are plenty who make requests based on reddit as well so I know where you are coming from. Personally I wouldn’t touch leverage outside of CFD as it seems so risky, especially with how many lost money recently on the granite 3x short of RR.

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LETFS are way much better than CFDs which have absurd fees,so you’re dead wrong about this.
I wouldn’t touch a cfd not even with glove .And do not compare Granite with Wisdom Tree