Minor gold miners

Hi @David,
I have requested these stocks previously (a month ago). Would be great to see them in the investment portfolio.

MAG silver (MAG), Silvercrest metals (SILV), Puregold (PGM), GoldMining inc (GLDLF), Pure Gold (LRTNF), Liberty gold (LGDTF), Midland exploration (MIDLF), Renaissance Gold (RSNGF)

Many thanks.


Just wanted to bump this. Néed more gold stocks on platform.
GoldMining inc (GLDLF) first please.


Another bump from me.
GLDLF and many other miners are on the TSX and OST markets, neither of which are available on Trading 212.

Apparently the OST market was supposed to be added to 212 but there hasn’t been any update on that in a while.

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Yes we need more of these. I’m also looking for MAG silver in particular. It’s on NYSE. Thanks!