Missing Stocks on New Accounts

Hey T212,

I’m kindly asking to add some stocks/instruments that are clearly missing for those who recently created a new Trading212 account.

I was looking forward to add $HUT aka Hut 8 Mining to my portfolio, sadly enough its not showing.

Therefore asking yet again to add the ticker asap.

Thanks in advance.

@Tony.V @David @George @Team212

It has been mentioned that newly created accounts, registered in Cyprus, do not currently have the full list of instruments available, but that @Team212 is working towards adding all missing instruments as soon as possible.

Thanks for the head up.

Is there any timeline for the next listing of certain stocks/instruments? Or a specific article on this forum for updates?

Thanks in advance :pray:

the plan is to have everything that is available in T212 UK, become available in T212 EU for end of September at the soonest.


No timeline as far as i know.

This thread has seen the most activity on the topic. EU registrations - OPEN

Edit: timeline is September at the latest I’ve heard. :joy: