Money market fund ETF risk

I have a boring question, I hold most of my investments into an overnight GBP rate ETF at the moment.

The ETF is LU0321464652 ticker XSTR(Xtrackers II GBP Overnight Rate Swap UCITS ETF)

I read the KIID and it seems the swap is held with Societe Generale…am I risking something greater than the 4-4.5% return of this swap ? Asking this after banks in US and Credit Suisse have had their problems.



Returning to your question about where to park cash.

What do you think of XSTR as a place to hold cash? It appears to gain value quite steadily. The spread is about 0.05%, so about 5 days of growth. Up 0.98% over past 3 months, so giving close to 4%.

What are the pros and cons of alternatives? How about ERNS which is also steadily moving up, 1.13% over 3 months.

Are there other short term ETF bond funds that effectively give low risk growth, similar to money market funds?

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