More commodities ETFs

Hi guys, could u add ETFs for more commodities, because currently we cannot trade for instance with:

  • Lumber
  • Orange juice
  • Oats
  • Rice


You’d have to check JustETF but I don’t think there are specific ETFs for most of those commodities. However, you could buy a broad commodities tracker such as CMOP instead.


I quite like some orange juice with my morning breakfast :cup_with_straw:

Also i wish there’s full English breakfast ETF :laughing:


Who doesn’t, right? :smiley:

@ivo - if you’ve got any particular instruments you’d like us to add, just let me or my colleagues know. We’d be happy to review your suggestions :handshake:

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If i recall correctly, Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd got rich trading orange juice in Trading Places.

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