MSNVF listing not showing

MSNVF - Mission Ready Solutions is surprised to be listed on 212 today, but at the minute there is nothing showing on the ticker symbol.

Can anyone advise if they have the same issue please?

@mcwilliams91 thanks for your reply, I know it is surprised to be listed yesterday, but it is not showing on the app or website. @ryan9921 did advise it would be showing before us market close but it still isn’t

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Understandable, thanks for the response. If you want to add some form of discount that would be great :rofl::rofl::rofl: only kidding don’t worry

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Do we have a time on when this will be listed please as the price keeps going up and the t212 community are being left behind

This should answer your question …

TDLR; it’s not able to be added to the platform.