My sector choices

Here you have some “safe” ideas to add and complete your planning, two are ETF’s, Real Estate and High-Dividend Yeld:

But, as always, do your own research before making a (apparently) ‘safe’ decision. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The problem with Motely is they put out contradictory articles pretty frequently

That being said, the podcasts are extremely good.

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True, that’s why I add my final advice, that should suit for ALL articles or recommendations we read, not only from Motley:

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@damadden88 I saw an interesting article, related to dividend strategies (you should consider this type of investing as part of your strategy), from December 5, and I decided to add it to this discussion:

The author gives us three lists of ‘safe’ companies:

But again, in his own words:
“It goes without saying that each company comes with certain risks and concerns. Sometimes these risks are real, but other times, they may be a bit overblown and temporary. So, it’s always recommended to do further research and due diligence.”

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Yeah their website articles are clickbait only mostly. Podcast are very informative thought as you say, especially with the US focus for us UK or other countries where we might not be as wired into US affairs.
Conversely they rarely talk about UK stocks much.

You can have a look at my portfolios. This portfolio for the next 10-20 years (long term investment) [3 - 5 years]

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Good link.

And below you can see a correlation stable for the sectors where 1.0 = perfect correlation.


Thanks again who participated in this discussion and helped me to form my strategy. I summarised it here feel free to read it and give me feedback :slight_smile: