Rate my portfolio

Hi guys, I am new to investing. I started like 1 month ago. After doing a whole month of research I think that I want my portfolio to be the most % for dividends and a small % for short time.

Please, I’d appreciate your advice/opinion about my stocks. As I said, I am new in this incredible market world (which I like it) and the only way to learn is to expose my portfolio and read your advice.

Total invested 3k
I spent, so far, in all shares between 50 and 100. How do you see it? if it was yours, which one would you hold or sell? Are there any other must have?

I am planning to add 2 or 3 ETFs as well. Which one would you recommend?

This is my portfolio:


What is your end goal with this portfolio? Passive income / long term buy and hold / active trading ?

I don’t want to sound harsh. But portfolio looks like copy paste of top50 from T212 hotlist. :frowning:

I would also add 1/3 of mentioned does not pay dividend at all.

If it was me tutoring myself when I was 1 month into investing, I would tell myself, stick with ETFs. (ie. SPDR MSCI World or just simple S&P500)

At least until you get a hold of fundamentals of investing, patience, face pain of big negative days without selling etc.

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I fully agree. The portfolio has a lot of risk and you might have to be very active to keep an eye on it as some of them might go down. A lot. Also some of them might go flat for the near future.

Be careful as with a big risk will bring a big :chart_with_upwards_trend: or a big :chart_with_downwards_trend:

As @Vedran said you need to understand fundamentals come up with a strategy amd maybe test it via a Paper account.

I wish someone had told me this my first month :+1:

Thank guys, I think I will wait until the red ones will recover and see some greens. Sell everything and stick to ETFs then. Is it a better less risky strategy?

Thanks for your advice. I prefer harsh advice rather than nothing. So I appreciate it. I am going to stick on buying etfs to get every section covered and then keep adding positions each month.

This might be of help

First and most important: Don’t take stock market advice from random people on the internet. If you don’t know why you’re buying something, you probably shouldn’t be buying it.

Second: What do you want to achieve?
Some general (maybe eye roll questions but whatever) questions:
-Are you planning on living off your investment in the near future (and if so, via dividends or selling positions etc.)
-You sure you won’t need that money in at least the next 5 years? For how long do you plan to set that money aside?
-Any high-interest debts?
-Can you tolerate volatility in the markets?
-Is it important that your investments have to be liquid?
-How are the taxes on the asset classes? (how are dividends taxed versus capital gains etc. in your country, assuming UK but could be a different country)

Third: Educate yourself on investing in general.
For definitions, I recommend using https://www.investopedia.com/.
I recommend you to read this visualisation of decades of stock market research by Oppenheimer Funds, https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/3994374/Oranj_November2018/PDF/Compelling_Wealth_Management_Conversations.pdf
Inside you find some common myths about the stock market (Is the Market Really Like a Casino? Missing Even the 10 Best Days in the Market Reduced Returns by Almost 50% in the Last 20 Years etc. its a must-read if you are starting with investing).
If you’re a visual learner: Plain Bagel (more beginner-friendly) and Ben Felix on youtube.

You should also read as much about investing as possible.

I could recommend you some papers but I’m probably the only one who likes reading those.

In general for starters: go with low expense ratio broad markets ETFs. Try to get your emotions in check. (If you want more info: How much have you invested?).

I hope this would get you some more structure in staring with investing. Feel free to ask any questions.


Thanks, how many ETFs would you say to have in a portfolio to have all market covered?

Thank you, I appreciate your help. So you see my portfolio bad as well?

Agree with @Etypsyno and @Vedran!

I am myself quite new but it seems to me you have wayyy too many different stocks. Its really hard to check all those regularly. And by checking I dont mean daily. I mean fundamentals, news, changing market conditions, competitors and much more…

I would recommend global emerging market ETF

Good luck

Dont know how you weighted your different positions but it looks like you are at least somewhat diversified. I would also increase diversification across currency and continents, but again a simple global etf does that too :wink:

Don’t know your goals (nor your personal situation, only you know that best) but going off what you said I derive you’re looking for dividends and growth (so total return). I will not say that any portfolio is good/bad as the same portfolio could be really fitting for me but a complete disaster for you (investing is quite a lot of emotion), not even considering time horizons.

If you have over 20 stocks you could be considered diversified (won’t go into any details here already did that in another post), having ETFs will likely produce a similar result. Historically only a small percentage of stocks accounted for the entirety of stock market return, thus owning everything, in the end, is the best according to science. But if you actually get that average return is mostly dependent on your emotions, not your actual investments. The most important thing is not if you might beat/underperform the market by a small margin, its that you keep investing and are in the market!

A good analogy is the loan one: mathematically it’s best to pay off highest interest first but in reality, what works best is paying of the highest emotional burden debts first.

Same could be said for stocks, theoretically it’s best to just have ETFs but it could be that you will stick more with your strategy if you know what you own (try doing that with an ETF of 1600 holdings) and staying motivated to put money into your investments.

For myself, I have found that getting dividends and owning individual companies provides a great mental boost (even though I know that I’m likely to underperform my ETFs), but I still have 50% in ETFs and spread my individual stocks (I have about 50 individual stocks with no single one being more than 2.5% of the entire portfolio, so basically an ETF as well, spent a couple of months this summer building that portfolio).

And you said you’re in spain, I don’t know how cap gain taxes, wealth tax or dividend taxes are there so that also should be accounted for when you choose your investments.

It’s a bit late so I hope what I’m saying is coming over coherently, I should probably stop procrastinating and actually finish my assignments :sweat_smile:

Edit: just saw you added answers to the questions, going off of that I would suggest going for a dividend growth combined with the regular market/growth (so overall reasonably low yield but higher dividend growth). Companies that might interest you: Visa, Mastercard, Prologis, Thermo Fisher, Sartorius, Adyen, ASMI, BESI, ASML, Merck, Abbvie, Next Era Energie, Ecolab, DLR, EQIX, CONE, COR, SBUX, AFL, WM, ADP, BLK, AVGO, ADI, TXN etc.


Problem with ETFs is that living or have an extra good income is difficult, isn’t?

Thanks. I really appreciate you take your time for a proper response. Lots to learn. I will hold some of my favourites, will sell the rest when they will give me some profits (I hope so) and then will buy 4-5 ETFs and stick to them.

Could also look into ARK invest, not for dividend but for future growth. Solid ETF’s

These rate my portfolios don’t make sense. Only you would know why you invested in the various companies. Every investor is different. I think its dangerous if you are seeking approval on a forum. Do thorough research, have strong conviction on your investments. That’s all there is to it.


Investment is for everyone who desires but not everyone can do those “research” am afraid.
So it makes perfect sense when one acknowledges their knowledge limitations and comes to a forum like this and seek other peoples opinion before committing their hard earned cash.


Trust me passive income is very hard to obtain even with high yield stock, so not something worth chasing for the sake of income and ignore value/quality.

To many passive income investor on YT, where they show 100k+ portfolio which even to them don’t earn any substantial income.

If you are in ball park of 5-10k yearly investment, it will take substantial amount of time to get to any relevant passive stream to blindly focus on it.

ETFs, while you start grasping the ins and outs. Then you can always sell ETFs partially for profit to relocate funds for single stock picks.