New Boy - Share value question?

Hi All, new to Trading 212 but so far so good.

Quick question- what’s the simplest way (on the app) to see current value Vs price paid.

For example

I can see here what my Legal & General shares are currently valued at but not compared to what was paid for the shares in total?

Sorry if I’m missing something?


You have average price, which you multiple by number of stocks owned and you get how much total you paid for the stocks…

In your case 240 (stocks) x 200.70p (average price) = 48168p… aka 481.68 £

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Thank you and I absolutely get that.

But with multiple investments held I think it would be far more useful/helpful to have that information provided against each investment.

Current value Vs total price paid.

Is this displayed somewhere?

you have invested and return for total porfolio.

Other than that, you have value of each instrument with return below value, so in short you dont have invested per instruments just total invested portfolio.

I am not sure what is the purpose/logic?

You see current value of each instrument with returns below the value…

The logic, to me at least, is a side by side snapshot per instrument of price paid Vs current value.

Well it is easly calculated you have current value +/- loss/profit. I still don’t get what is wrong with existing, what is the benefit of having paid vs current. Then you have to manually calculate profit or to have 3 numbers?

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you could scroll down to history, where you could see the total price you bought it for

You see how much you paid down in History

Edit: just saw someone already answered