New IPO expected TODAY (23rd June)


WPF U is also available at IBKR and i am guessing BRLIU will be soon, so no, it is not a matter of IBKR. I am guessing with all these features and the influx of new customers, we have fallen a little bit ( or a lot ) behind when it comes to stocks/etfs adding. I am sure the team is trying hard but they need to step up on this, because after all, this is the most important feature of every broker. Having a wide variety of stocks/etfs choices.

Thanks @Finki, will check that out.

@Johnny, yes, plenty of coverage of the matter throughout the forum, however @Team212 have confirmed they will continue to prioritise IPOs if they are notified on the day of.

I’ve seen conflicting dates on BRLIU, but this is the earliest I have found, so better safe than sorry (for those that want to invest in it).




My bad. :slight_smile:

But yes, can see BRLIU ain’t about. Will keep an eye on that and bump when it appears.

Yep, good shout, my bad. D’oh!
But, yeah, useful…sometimes…when I get it right!

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Which should mean T212 set it up for you ASAP.
So happy days

Yeah, agreed. Was thinking of doing a very nerdy thing and scraping all requests from this site into a live database which can be live compared to T212 Universe so you can track what’s been set-up and what hasn’t… but, ya know, I’m just a bit lazy!!! :upside_down_face:


Don’t let that idea get out…! :wink:

Say what? What’d you mean? I should do it or I shouldn’t? (brain not yet registering sarcasm correctly) #hangover

In my opinion this should be a feature on the platform itself, because there are hundreds of requests and more are added everyday so it is a huge task to keep up with this unless it is automated…

Collecting requests via the community is brilliant for engagement but rubbish for tracking and auditing.
Hmmm, maybe I should play with it.
Difficulty is the sporadic nature of the requests. Isolating what is a request, what symbology is used to denote it, therefore what market it’s on and therefore it’s ticker and ISIN to match against the T212 data set is messy and only ever going to be 80% accurate… but it would be something rather than nothing…,
Unless people agreed to enter a request into a specific form complying with the symbology etc etc… which they surely wouldn’t… a simple google form could go to a database … hmmmm


Ha ha, I mean don’t tell everyone you can do that or you’ll get inundated with requests!

If you can be bothered doing it I’ll gladly conform to the required format.

To be honest, maybe even a Google Form that led into some kind of votable table, arranged by ticker (so users could find their stocks). Including: Stock exchange, Ticker, Name and Date Requested (though the date would be automically set in the form) and then people can vote on there. It would have to be some kind of mixed priority, partly based on date and partly based on number of votes.

Logical idea with the exception (to my mind, after 3.1 seconds of thinking) it requires ALL stocks to be known before hand and cross referenced against T212 Db live every time… o it only shows non-T212 stocks… for IPOs that’s pretty hard as I’d need a recurring job looking for upcoming IPOs and all stock identifiers associated with it… But I shall ponder on… :wink:

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I’m going to go out on a whim here and say these aren’t ever going to be added until T212 supports SPAC Warrants? @David has said they may support them in the future, but until then we’d have no way to do anything with the warrant aspect of the initial IPO, until they’re split up and show listed as normal?

Much as I’d love to have these added from the word go, personally, and in full agreement with you, I we’re going to be disappointed.

Happy to be proven wrong though! :grin:

Foley Trasimene Acquistion Corporation (WPF) is available for trading! Enjoy :v:


Much obliged @Martin

Who are they planning to buy?
I couldn’t even find their official website…

No idea. Not on my radar at all. There are a couple IPOs this week I might get involved in.

Thanks @Joey_Fantana and @Martin for this one.

@EquityInvestor no target that I can see so far, but have deep pockets relative to other SPACs recently debuting (though CCXX and PSTH are changing it up a gear!). WPF expect to raise between 750 and 860m, and have described their ideal target as FinTech or a core business process specialist with strong IP.

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