New IPO going live TODAY (24th June)

Hi @David @Martin @PeterA

Further to my previous post regarding NASDAQ:BRLIU, this IPO is diarised for today and now set up on Interactive Brokers;

Further to this NYSE: ACI (Albertsons Companies) is also now on IB and scheduled for sometime between today and Friday if you wouldn’t mind adding please

Many thanks


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Nice work, Sir :wink:

A cheeky ‘it’s already set up on IB’ nudge too. Commendable. :blush:

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Listened and learned. :wink:

New approach going forward confirmed. Got a few more of these coming this week but ACI was the one I had my eye on.

Can’t claim any credit.
It’s untried and untested.
It was a thought I had yesterday.
You, Mr Fantana, are the guinea pig

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@Joey_Fantana Locked & loaded.


Like a boss. Thanks mate.

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Can they add a new spac stock

1)social capital hedosophia holdings corp. iii

  1. Pershing Square Tontine Holdings Ltd

SPACs aren’t priority as far as I’m aware - IPOs are different as they are brand new to the market.

Unless the SPAC is also an IPO, your best bet is a direct email I think.

@David should these be visible on the platform already? I searched BRLIU and ACI and neither came up in search results.

Can you confirm please?

I can see them. :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:

ACI has no price though

@Joey_Fantana try closing and opening the app again.

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Thanks all. Did try the close and reopen trick a few times now but still no luck.

When in doubt, restart the phone.

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When will ACI stock start trading? It’s already live on other Platforms.

You can now. Looks like it’s just a glitch in the UI not showing a graph. Hit the Buy button and it’ll show you the graph and let you trade.

To be fair the delay has helped you judging by the price.

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