New IPOs expected today (16th) and this week (commencing 15th June 2020)

Hi @David @Martin @PeterA

The following IPOS are diarised for this week. Would you mind adding please;


  • RPRX (expected today)
  • FMTX
  • GTH
  • PROG
  • RPTX

Many thanks


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@David @Martin @PeterA apologies but there is conflicting news around RPRX suggesting trading will begin TODAY.


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@Joey_Fantana RPRX is added, it’ll be available for trading the second the IPO goes live.


What are you expecting with the IPO, a quick look suggests $25

I don’t know enough about it to join in, looks like they don’t produce anything themselves so not biotech/drugs but just collect royalties from the drug markers.

70 million shares and they want $1.8 billion


Hi Phil

Yeah that all sounds about right as far as I’ve looked into it myself.

I’m not sure I have any plans to go in myself to be honest - I just keep my eye on the IPO calendar and raise new ones here to ensure no one coming in late misses out because they weren’t added. :slight_smile:

I know a lot of people like to dabble in an IPO in the hopes of cashing in on an immediate increase (see Vroom).

In honesty none of the above are floating my boat but I may do a bit more digging on them throughout the week. The next big one for me is Unity, but no date set on that as yet.


Cool I hadn’t realised Unity was going to IPO, that’s interesting and I’ll probably keep an eye on that one too.

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What do you guys use to keep you updated on IPO’s? For example, how could I set an alert for any Unity IPO news?

I don’t have any alerts - there are just a couple of IPO calendars online (quick google will get you them) that I check regularly and if anything particularly strikes me I set my own calendar reminder.

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Feeling a little silly for not going in now…!

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@David can you add the other tuckers above please? Coming to the end of the week so presume if they haven’t launched already tomorrow will be the day. Thanks