New IPOs going live this upcoming week

Hello, @Victor.Ts.1 @Rumen @Y.M @S.K @MihailM

Please add the following IPOs:

I would like the following stock (/s) to be added please:

$GLE (Global Engine Group Holding)

Please make these stocks tradeable. Previously, I requested a stock and T212 made it ‘sell only’ which made no sense since it was an IPO stock. Please make these fully purchase-able and sellable as well as fractional shares.

Thank You Very Much.

Could I have a response, please???

@Victor.Ts.1 @Rumen @Y.M @S.K @MihailM

We have in mind your request :pray: We’ll check if we can add those instruments and will let you know.

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Thank you! I appreciate it :smiley:

Just a note @Clash but @Joey_Fantana does a good job of collating a lot of IPOs on the day they’re due to request 212 to add, rather than lots of users having their requests lost.

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as of this moment in time only LRE is on IBKR
IBKR will mostly likely add GLE on open today but then t212 need to monitor and add when available

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I am aware but he doesn’t list the IPOs I would like for instance (VSME) which is going live tomorrow. Thank you for the heads up but some IPOs I would like to play as they have ‘hype’ around them.

Hint: He lists them on the day they go live as that’s when 212 can check if they’re on IB to add!

@Clash, Lead Real Estate Co (LRE) and VS MEDIA (VSME) are now available. Enjoy :pray: