NEW IPOs going live TODAY (1st July)

Good morning @David @Martin @PeterA

The following IPOs are diarised for TODAY, already set up on IB;

NASDAQ:ADTX (ADiTx Therapeutics) (missed yesterday)
NYSE: CPSR.U (Capstar Special Purpose Acquisition)
NASDAQ:DDI (DoubleDown Interactive)
NYSE:DNB (Dun & Bradstreet Holdings)
NYSE:PANA.U (Panacea Acquisitions)

Would you mind adding asap please?

For the SPAC lovers, Capstar “is looking to identify targets in the consumer, healthcare and technology, media and telecommunications industries with an enterprise value in the range of USD 600.00 million to USD 1.50 billion” while Panacea “intends to focus its search for a target business operating in the biotechnology sector”.




Joe - Are you still going to ask for Lemonade? LMND.
Have they been able to put the IPO’s on straight away in past cases?


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I am indeed. That’ll be tomorrow (and the only one this week I’m actually going into myself!).

Yep, all been added on teh day so far - the one I mentioned above that was missed yesterday was because I missed it from the calendar (late addition that I didn’t see til this morning) and no one else happened to request it.

Should be good. :crossed_fingers: :+1:


@Joey_Fantana Added.

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Legend. Thank you, sir.

@adm will be happy.

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why does it show like this?

They haven’t launched yet. The timing of the IPO isn’t in line with the opening of the market.

Just need to keep your eye on it throughout the day.

Also, the charts might not always refresh immediately, so as a rule of thumb when you are checking, try the Buy button and see if a price pops up. If no price yet, they haven’t gone live yet.

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@Joey_Fantana thanks a lot mate :slight_smile:

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Panacea now taking orders.


Thanks Joe. Looking forward to it!