New IPOs going live TODAY (Fri 12th August, ‘22)

Please can you ensure STBX is added on in time for its listing on 22/8/22, we always seems to behind on IPO compared to other brokers. Thanks

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How so, @Kqamar ? It’s a rarity the team don’t add IPOs on the offering date. Very seldom. At least on the UK platform.

Is this a reference to the EU platform? I presume the team add the IPOs to both. @Y.M ?

On an other post he asked for its CFD to be added before the actual listing… :roll_eyes:

Ah so we’re talking CFD additions at IPO. I think T212 have explained a few times that that’s not always possible for liquidity and risk reasons.

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No I’m a U.K. user and I notice how us 212 users are always at a disadvantage when it comes to IPO’s they are either not added in time and we miss out! It’s something Iv noticed over a period of time, we seem to react quite late too the rest of the brokers.

That’s not true though. I do these posts every day and it is very seldom the team don’t add same day.

Not to patronise, but can I ask do you know how IPOs work? Yours is a common complaint on here about IPOs but 9 times out of 10 its an understanding issue.

A couple of key points to think about if you don’t already know;

  • An IPO stock doesn’t go live at teh start of the trading session, it’s later on in teh session, often hours in
  • When the stock goes live retail traders have to wait while all the institutional trades that were brokered the day before are put through. This I agree isn’t really fair but it’s the market’s fault, not the broker’s

Short version is: you never participate in IPOs. Once the shares are available for trading, they already are on the secondary market, where they are being offloaded by institutional investors who participated in the IPOs.

Retails never get IPOs.

There is this lot, but the IPOs they tend to get seem a bit random;

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Hi. Can Giga Cloud Technology GCT be added before froday, i have been asking for over a week in the chat

@GDCUK - they can’t add it unless IBKR has added it. You can check that here;

Sorry for the huge link!

Hi Joe, thanks im fairy new to this side of the platform, can you help push this ticker to be added ?

Hi @GDCUK , welcome to the forum. The IPO is due on Friday and typically the platforms won’t add these assets until they are finalised on the day. So I would look out for my post on Friday, which should mention it and the T212 team are really good at turning these additions around same day.

I would just set your expectations on the day though as IPOs aren’t that straight forwrad - see below;

Thanks Joey and yes, I certainly do know how IPOs work. It’s okay to take constructive criticism and I certainly want to remain a customer of this investing platform, so there’s no need for personal attacks, and like everyone else I want the platform to run as smoothly as possible and aim for continuous improvement and work in the years where some improvement could be done. All I kindly asked for was more proactivity adding IPOs but like you said it doesn’t happen all the time that the IPOs are NOT added on the same day as they are available on Interactive brokers. Have a good day my friend.


Which ones recently haven’t been on time? I’ve noticed 212 had all the big ones up and ready to go on open for the last two years. Do you have an example?

Just an example of what I mean? Do you get it now… Webull are allowing orders yet we are still stranded and late to the party! Iv got pics to show this aswel

Please do. I’m looking at TradingView and it’s still being priced in.

Are Webull fulfilling orders yet? I suspect not, unless it’s been halted which is why the minute chart isn’t showing any movement.

You gotta sort this out. We can’t trade AH or PM, we can’t catch any IPOs on the day. After I’ve run these last few shares I’ll be transferring platform because this is absolutely shocking.

Patently untrue. I’ve bought tons of IPOs the minute they go live to retail.


How come the purchase price was set at 51$ and wouldn’t let me get in at 27 when it went live?

Which one are we talking about? GCT, today?