New IPOs going live TODAY (Fri 20th Nov)

@DavidB please can you add MRVI as soon as possible. It is to release any minute.

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we love you David no matter what :slight_smile:

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@jami35, which brokers offer this service?

Fidelity and Webull lets customer know a week before and sometimes 2 days before. This is what I have been told by a user, I haven’t seen myself.

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@Joey_Fantana I notice you chat about SPACs a lot. I am new and was wondering if the SPAC situation was sorted out yet? I just invested some money in one here but after reading the forums I am unsure if I’ll get the MNTS stocks I want

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Hi @jaxkxt. Which SPAC situation do you mean?

I’m also not familiar with MNTS - is that a SPAC or a merger target?

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sorry I wasnt clear.

I mean if I invest in a SPAC (eg. SRAC) will it change to become the IPO stock (in this example: MNTS stock) in my T212 portfolio after the merge and IPO?

Absolutely it will, so long as the deal between the SPAC and the merger target doesn’t fall through. I trust you are frequently checking the news for any adverse information? You should also check Twitter for updates - plenty of accounts follow SPACs in great detail.

There’s also this website that is worth using to keep up to date;

But yes, as you say, if there is no drama, the ticker and name will change on the intended date. If you are already invested in SRAC, there is nothing for you to do.


perfect, thank you very much for the help and advice