New IPOs going live TODAY (Fri 31st July)

Good morning @David @Martin @PeterA

The following IPOs are diarised for today;

NASDAQ:FTHM (Fathom Holdings)
NASDAQ:VSTA (Vasta Platform Ltd)
NASDAQ:VITL (Vital Farms Inc)
NYSE:PCPL (CC Neuberger Principal Holdings) - now available as common shares

Would you mind adding as soon as you can please, and if possible making fractional from the get go?

There are also the following SPACs launching an IPO today but common stock is not immediately available (@Arron can you update your compendium please?);

NYSE:PRPB.U (CC Neuberger Principal Holdings II)
NASDAQ:ETACU (E.Merge Technology Acquisition)
NASDAQ:NHICU (NewHold Investment Corp.)

CC Neuberger Principal Holdings II has yet to identify a target sector. However the company’s first SPAC (PCPL) that launched an IPO earlier this year is looking at “financial, technology and business services sectors” so this may be a clue as they intend to focus their search “for a business that would benefit from the founders’ and management team’s experience”.

E.Merge Technology Acquisition “plans to target a business in the software and internet technology industries with a valuation between $1 billion and $3 billion”.

NewHold Investment Corp. intends to focus on “businesses in the industrial technology sector”.



PS. for anyone asking, NASDAQ:GOED (1847 Goedeker) was added a couple of days ago but it’s IPO was delayed to today.

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I don’t really get it, what makes these ipo’s so interesting? They plan to buy a non public shared company and make it public. Why buy in while you don’t even know what it would be?

It sounds like you’re referring to the SPACs, rather than the companies IPOs.

I don’t know as I don’t approach them that way - I wait til they announce the merger or at least til there are valid rumours (although that’s a risky game!).

The point of getting them on the platform now is so that when a merger is announced no one’s on the backfoot because 212 don’t have the ticker, which was a common gripe a couple of months ago.

@Joey_Fantana :heavy_check_mark:


Nailed it.

Thank you, sir.

Fair play, you’re so all over these we should call you IPOey_Fantana!


Hi team, could AEX Gold Inc.'s IPO on the LSE be added?
Ticker: AEXG
ISIN: CA00108V1022

It’s IPO was today, it only just started trading:

Sorry, was this the one you mentioned to me the other day? :grimacing: Thought that was Revolution Bars…!

In any case where did you get the info? I did a hunt for UK IPOs yesterday and came up empty handed.

Edit: apologies. Your link is right there!

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No worries, I don’t seem to be able to find it on IB.

Can you do a quick check?

It basically directs me to a different company or listing…

But I think it would be surprising if they did not have access to it, the LSE is probably one of their main exchanges.