New IPOs going live TODAY (Fri 5th Feb, '21)

Hey Joey, just an idea, I don’t suppose when you bring up the IPO list for the day you would possibly include a single penny stock for them to consider adding? The amount of buzz just having a new penny stock creates on the platform is pretty huge and I know we haven’t had too many recently. Just a thought, I don’t mind helping out check all the new threads on here to see if they are exempt etc. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Classic film…thanks for helping out Sir.

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I truly apologize I dont mean to bother you in that way. @Joey_Fantana

its not in this community, its on Discords and Stocktwits and Other sites.Trading212 Community is delayed on the information, so not alot here know about it yet.
That stock is a chinese stock, is set to double due to Chinese stock traders are going to pump this, that is why it is soo important to me to get this one up, as this is set to double…for no reason other than its a chinese stock…

BAOS - Baosheng Media Group Holdings Ltd

BAOS - Baosheng Media Group Holdings Ltd - its Important

@David @Martin @PeterA @Rumen @Joey_Fantana

on stockanalysis says 8th of feb ,

on Webull it says 8th of Feb

NYSE IPO Date is also 8th of feb

Nasdaq Upcoming IPO is also on the 8th of Feb

Can we have the ark etfs

@record64 no. They are not ucits compliant.

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