New IPOs going live TODAY (Mon 29th April, β€˜24)

Good morning @Victor.Ts.1 @MihailM @Aleksandar.M

Please add the following IPOs;


Would you mind adding to Invest, ISA (where applicable) and CFD for both UK and EUR platforms as soon as you can please? If possible please also make these fractional from the start.

I’ll request the following SPAC IPOs once commons are available;

  • None

Cheers guys,


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Hi Joey, as always thank you for your great work requesting IPOs daily.

I just wanted to mention that I noticed that although Stanislav is tagged, the tag doesn’t appear to have worked. Not quite sure why.
Maybe he isn’t a member of the T212 community forum anymore.

Hey mate, thanks for the spot. I noticed that last week and thought I’d removed him. Not sure why he’s there again - possibly copied from an older post at some point that still bore his name!

In any case he is now. Removed! :wink:

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Hey @Joey_Fantana :wave:

NYSE:BWLP (BW LPG Limited) - Added yesterday :heavy_check_mark:


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