New IPOs going live TODAY (Mon 9th August, ‘21)

Good morning @David @Rumen @Y.M

Today’s IPOs;
NDAQ:JUGG.U (JAWS Juggernaut Acquisition Corp.)
LON:RTWG (RTW Venture Fund Ltd)
NDAQ:ADGI (Adagio Therapeutics)
NDAQ:HCRX (Healthcare Royalty, Inc.)
LON:MKA (Mkango Resources)
NYSE:PDS (Precision Drilling Corp)
BME:XPBRA (Petroleo Brasileiro PETROBRAS Preferentes)
BME:XTZA (TV Azteca)
BME:XUSI (Usinas Siderurgicas de Minas Gerais Preferentes)

Would you mind adding as soon as you can please? If possible please also make these fractional from the start.

I’ll request the following SPAC IPOs once commons are available;

  • None

Cheers guys,


cc. @StockRed @jurajpe @Ldmott96 @Traderbynight



JUGG - :white_check_mark:
RTWG - already added :white_check_mark:
ADGI - :white_check_mark:
HCRX - not on IBKR :x:
MKA - :white_check_mark:
PDS - :white_check_mark:
XPBRA - not on IBKR :x:
XTZA - we don’t have access to it :x:
XUSI - :white_check_mark:


Bravo, sir. @Y.M needs to change his name to Quick Draw McGraw!


Please add if possible AEROFLOT (Frankfurt or US Depositary Receipt) and SBERBANK (London or US Depositary Receipt).
Thank you

@Y.M Can you also please add “HANetf Procure Space UCITS ETF” with the ISIN: IE00BLH3CV30 / Ticker: YODA as a fractional share?

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