New IPOs going live TODAY (Thurs 15th Oct)

Good morning @David @Martin @PeterA

The following IPOs are diarised for today;

NASDAQ:ARRY (Array Technologies Inc)
NYSE:MNSO (Miniso Group Holding Ltd)
NASDAQ:SPEL (Spinal Elements Holdings Inc)

Would you mind adding to all platforms, including CFD , as soon as you can please?

I’ll request the following SPAC IPOs once common shares are available;

NASDAQ:TMTS.U (Spartacus Acquisition Corporation) - 250m - TMT
NASDAQ:MOT.U (Motion Acquisition Corp) - Telematics

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@David @Martin @PeterA - reminder, thanks.

@Joey_Fantana :eyes:



Thank you, sir.

Hi all, can someone confirm that the stock ticker ARRY is in fact is the solar company that IPO’ed yesterday and not Array Biopharma as stated in the company details on the app?

Investing in new IPO and risky so I hope no one invests on the first day to up until the company releases their earnings.

Looks like it’s been fixed

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BEKE has been alright… :man_shrugging:t2:

Array Technologies has almost hit $1B in revenues by June-2020 and they tripled their net profits from the previous year. Having said that, I do agree with you that it is risky play with all the hype around IPOs where the share price tends to skyrocket and drop after the initial rush of buyers/traders, most especially this year with SPACs coming in, right and centre.