New IPOs going live TODAY (Thurs 30th July)

@David @Martin @PeterA - urgent

App is showing a price of $19.84 but Yahoo showing the price isn’t there yet;

Is the app frozen?

The prices in the trading212 is not getting updated, however if you buy or sell it is doing at correct price.

Allovir is doing much better than Li auto :slight_smile:

I did my DD, wasn’t totally convinced, I’m quite impartial to it. But thought I’d take make a small speculative investment.

I managed to get in at 16.22 order went through fine but is showing an incorrect loss due to the $19 price thing. I guess it will correct itself soon.

You mean in terms of accuracy on t212 right? :wink:

I stand corrected, I beg your pardon.

Cool so your order went through, but at a different buy price?

I was worries about doing it but I’ve seen this issue before so wasn’t too worried…

Yeah I’d actually forgotten I’d seen this before. But that was when I used to fly straight in. Now I tend to look at the charts for a decent entry point. But this makes that difficult!

Not ordered yet. Might not. I’m in enough EVs!

Li has had a better opening, immediately up 50% but currently retracing to 40%.

But Allovir is likely the less volatile of the two so a nice and steady open.

Fair enough! I’m a little on the ropes with their product. The designs and range look pretty appealing, but the fact they’re essentially a hybrid electric/gas makes me feel a little less optimistic.

Let’s see how it goes, will be interesting.

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Hi Joey

Thanks for your message on IPOs, I was able to invest in Allovir and able to get some decent returns. Although I was expecting Li as the frontrunner. :slight_smile:
Allovir was a complete surprise tbh.

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Glad you made some profit. Although if you were only looking for a quick buck off an IPO be warned, they don’t always turn out that way. As Li exemplified. :slightly_smiling_face: