New IPOs going live TODAY (Thurs 30th July)

Good morning @David @Martin @PeterA

The following IPOs are diarised for today;

NASDAQ:VSTA (Vasta Platform Ltd)

Would you mind adding as soon as you can please, and if possible making fractional from the get go?

There is also one SPAC IPO today: NYSE:CCIV (Churchill Capital Corp IV) but common stock is not immediately available. Tagging @Arron. Churchill Capital IV “have not selected any specific business combination target”.



@Joey_Fantana ALVR & LI :heavy_check_mark:


Thanks mate - no Vasta?

I read it’s a Brazilian company - is that the issue?

Hi Joey, can you see Li Auto on the app?

I have closed the app and re-started my phone but I still can’t find it. Allovir does appear on my app.

It’s already there. Search Li Auto

Thank you.

I found it now…
It only appears on the Invest account and not on the ISA.
Is this due to ISA restrictions on companies from non-recognised exchanges? Or can it be added to the ISA account?

I’m guessing you’re correct. Same issue as Sea Ltd. et al.

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Has anyone found Li Auto’s financial statements?
I have not been able to fid their balance sheet nor income statement. Where are they usually available for IPOs?

Best bet is their SEC filings. Not sure if it’s always the case but with my nCino DD I found the finanicials in the S-1 filing.

About halfway down this article, there’s a screenshot.

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Thought that would have a magnifying facility! Poor. Here it is from the F-1;


Thank you Joey :smiley:.

Hmm I’m confused, wasn’t LI IPOing today?

Every time… :smile:

They don’t open with the market. They open when they open the offering. Need to keep an eye on it throughout the afternoon.

Ahh sorry, I take it this is normal…? My bad! Total noob here…

Is there a set time or do we have to keep our eyes glued to the screen?

No set time but average is between 4 - 5 GMT. Keep your eyes peeled.

And yes, perfectly normal.

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Gotcha, cheers Joey


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How are the prospects of Allovir and Li . Good for long term or just listing gains.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand LI is live!

Have you tried to buy any yet? Is the app allowing it or rejecting?

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I doubt anyone here has done any DD and is just getting in at IPO based on the fact it’s a new EV stock.