New IPOs going live TODAY (Tues 9th Jan, '21)

When will the new Churchill Capital tickers go live? CVII etc…

When did it IPO?

@David are there any restrictions on offering OTC stocks in Rep. of Ireland?

Can you also add GLDFF and NMTLF please David :slightly_smiling_face: Theyre both Penny Stock Exempt

Hi David , can you give us an explanation about $MGCLF ?

I’m not sure tbh. I know they were announced this week.

If they were just announced then there’s nothing to put on 212 at the minute.

If they;ve IPO’d we still need to wait another 50 or so days for the shares to split from the units.

Please make VAGF fractional and correct the typo in the ETF name(vanguard, not vangaurd)

Any idea when DRIV will be included. It was requested 29 days ago on the forum?