New IPOs going live TODAY (Tues 9th Jan, '21)

Good morning @David @Martin @PeterA @Rumen

The following IPOs are diarised for today;

NDAQ:ADAG (Adagene Inc.)
NDAQ:SDH (Global Internet of People, Inc.)
NDAQ:RELI (Reliance Global Group, Inc.)
NDAQ:BLUW (Blue Water Acquisition Corp.) - common stock now available
NDAQ:BCYP (Big Cypress Acquisition Corp.) - common stock now available
NDAQ:RAAS (Cloopen Group Holding Limited)
NDAQ:COOL (Corner Growth Acquisition Corp.)
NDAQ:DUNE (Dune Acquisition Corp)
SWX:CHDVD (iShares Swiss Dividend ETF CH)
OTC:XDSL (mPhase Technologies, Inc.)
LSE:PPS (Proton Motor Power Systems Plc)
FRA:VAGF (Vanguard Global Aggregate Bond UCITS ETF EUR Hedged Acc)
OTC:HVBTF (HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd.)
OTC:QUBT (Quantum Computing Inc.)

If possible please also make these fractional from the start.

I’ll request the following SPAC IPOs once common shares are available;

NDAQ:PMGM.U (Priveterra Acquisition Corp) - 240m - MedTech
NDAQ:GIGG.U (GigCapital4, Inc.) - 312m - Tech/Sustainability
NDAQ:PGRW.U (Progress Acquisition Corp.) - 125m - Media/Entertainment/Tech
NDAQ:ENNV.U (ECP Environmental Growth Opportunities Corp.) - 300m - Climate Change/Sustainability
NDAQ:EVOJ.U (Evo Acquisition Corp.) - 109m - Financial/Tech
NDAQ:VENA.U (Venus Acquisition Corporation) - 40m - Asian Market
NYSE:SPAQ.U (Spartan Acquisition Corp. III) - 480m - Clean Energy/Sustainability
NYSE:PICC.U (Pivotal Investment Corp III) - 240m - Disruptive Tech
NDAQ:CPTK.U (Crown PropTech Acquisitions) - 240m - Real Estate Tech

Cheers guys,


cc. @StockRed @jurajpe


@David @Martin @PeterA @Rumen - reminder thanks!

Thanks for putting some OTC penny stocks in there @Joey_Fantana. Tomorrow if you could potentially add ABEPF Vision Lithium on your list that would be amazing. What do you think of potentially adding one OTC in there a day? The most popular one that’s being requested? Thanks

at what time are they going to be live in T212?

Unsure Sir, hopefully today but depends on how busy they are.

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@Mr_Moose do they actually add anything from these requests? I never see them reply

Yes when they can :slight_smile:

Please stop asking me this. It’s clear that that is what I’m doing. And no more requests directly to me, thanks. I’ll look through the forum and decide a random selection of old and new requests out of fairness. Cheers

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They reply on almost every single post.

@David @Martin @PeterA @Rumen - reminder thanks!

I seriously didn’t realise that, apologies.

No worries, but it’s literally been the last 3 days you’ve asked me that.

Now I know how David and co feel!! :smile: :expressionless:


Haha sorry man I’ll stop agh :laughing:

Just raise your OTC requests as normal, a new post, or I think there is a penny stock thread going somewhere, and I’ll be looking through those daily.

Yeh that’s me, I’ll keep it updated and check they are all eligible, at least it means you guys don’t have to manually filter through to check them all :slight_smile:

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@David @Martin @PeterA @Rumen - reminder thanks!

Been waiting on Hive Blockchain for ages. Nice. Now we just need Hut 8 (HUTMF) so we have a nice selection of crypto mining companies.

@David @Martin @PeterA @Rumen - reminder thanks! Would the morning be easier with the volatile afternoon session looming? Cheers!

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ADAG - :white_check_mark:
SDH - :white_check_mark:
RELID - :white_check_mark:
BLUW - :white_check_mark:
BCYP - :white_check_mark:
RAAS - :white_check_mark:
COOL - :x: Still a UNIT in BBG.
DUNE - :x: Still a UNIT in BBG.
ACKI - :x: Still a UNIT in BBG.
CHDVD - :x: We don’t have any Swiss ETFs/ETPs yet, we’ll start adding them at a later point time. :slight_smile:
XDSL - :white_check_mark:
PPS - :x: IBKR doesn’t support it on LSE, they have it on secondary :de: exchanges to which we, unfortunately, do not have access yet. :slightly_frowning_face:
VAGF - :white_check_mark:
HVBTF - :white_check_mark:
QUBT - :white_check_mark:


Thanks @David - re: PPS, there might be a few of these pop up along the way so apologies in advance as I’m unable to check them all against IBKR with any great confidence what I’m seeing is the correct reflection of their platform. Seems to be a pick n mix.

Cheers for the rest!

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