New IPOs going live TODAY (Wed 12th January, ‘22)

Good morning @David @Rumen @Y.M @S.K @MihailM

Today’s IPOs;
EPA:ALIE (Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment S.p.A.)
NDAQ:HILS (Hillstream Biopharma, Inc.)
NDAQ:DAOO (Crypto 1 Acquisition Corp.) - commons available
NYSE:VCXB (10X Capital Venture Acquisition Corp. III)
LON:ELEG (Electric Guitar Plc)
LON:PPHC (Public Policy Holding Company, Inc.)
LON:LTOD (Larsen & Toubro - GDR)
FRA:7ST (Soltech Energy Sweden AB)

Would you mind adding to UK and EU platforms as soon as you can please? If possible please also make these fractional from the start.

I’ll request the following SPAC IPOs once commons are available;

NDAQ:ITAQ.U (Industrial Tech Acquisitions II, Inc.)
NDAQ:WAVS.U (Western Ventures Acquisition Corp.)
NDAQ:GHIX.U (Gores Holdings IX, Inc.)

Cheers guys,


cc. @StockRed @jurajpe @Ldmott96


ALIE - we don’t add BVME stocks on EQ yet :x:
MLBBO - not on IBKR :x:
HILS - :white_check_mark:
DAOO - :white_check_mark:
VCXB - not on IBKR :x:
ELEG - not on IBKR :x:
PPHC - not on IBKR :x:
LTOD - :white_check_mark:
7ST - not on IBKR :x:

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