New IPOs going live TODAY (Wed 15th February, β€˜23)

Good morning @David @Rumen @Y.M @S.K @MihailM

Please add the following IPOs;

NDAQ:TRNR (Interactive Strength, Inc.)
NDAQ:ALPX (Alopexx, Inc.)
NDAQ:NFTG (The NFT Gaming Company, Inc.)
LON:FMET (Fulcrum Metals Plc)
NDAQ:BFRG (Bullfrog AI Holdings, Inc.) - doing my head in, this one
NDAQ:INTS (Intensity Therapeutics, Inc. ) - and this one
EPA:ALLPL (Lepermislibre)
AMEX:LEWY (Leeway Service, Inc.)
NDAQ:ENLT (Enlight Renewable Energy Ltd.)
NDAQ:MLYS (Mineralys Therapeutics, Inc.)
NDAQ:NRXS (Neuraxis, Inc)

Would you mind adding to Invest, ISA (where applicable) and CFD for both UK and EUR platforms as soon as you can please? If possible please also make these fractional from the start.

I’ll request the following SPAC IPOs once commons are available;

  • None

Cheers guys,


cc. @StockRed @jurajpe @Ldmott96

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SODR - pending listing :x:
TRNR - pending listing :x:
ALPX - pending listing :x:
NFTG - price not available :x:
FMET - too low market cap, we won’t add it for now :x:
OTOVO - not yet available :x:
BFRG - :white_check_mark:
INTS - pending listing :x:
ALLPL - will double-check tomorrow :x:
LEWY - pending listing :x:
ENLT - will double-check tomorrow :x:
MLYS - :white_check_mark:
NRXS - pending listing :x:

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