NEW Stock Requests March 2021

Please read before posting

Please check the stock is Penny Stock Exempt before requesting (see below).

I’ve made a new post as I’m unable to edit the original thread as it’s over 30 days old. It seems like smaller penny stocks that are illiquid and have a small float / market cap are not being added at the moment. So please try to only suggest stocks that might have a chance of being added and are Penny Stock Exempt. I would suggest looking for London Stock Exchange stocks also.

To check if a stock if penny stock exempt search for the stock on the website below and look for the penny stock exempt badge on the right hand side: OTC Markets | Official site of OTCQX, OTCQB and Pink Markets


Recently Requested


Euro Market
(88E) 88 Energy Ltd
(SNT) Sabien Tech
(COIN.PL) Coinsilium Group Limited

Recently Added
(FCUUF) Fission Uranium Corp :white_check_mark:
(XZMJ) Japan ESG :white_check_mark:
(VNH) LSE: Vietnam Holding Limited :white_check_mark:
(ATA.PA) Atari :white_check_mark:
(AMTE) Amte Power :white_check_mark:
BBKCF BIGG Digital :white_check_mark:
TMRC Texas Mineral :white_check_mark:
ABEPF Vision Lithium :white_check_mark:
GLDFF Golden Leaf Holdings :white_check_mark:
SYSX Sysorex :white_check_mark:
LITOF Frontier Lithium :white_check_mark:
IPNFF ImagineAR :white_check_mark:
HIVE Blockchain :white_check_mark:
XDSL mPhase Technologies :white_check_mark:
WDDMF WeedMD :white_check_mark:
IDKFF ThreeD Capital :white_check_mark:
JRSS Health Care :white_check_mark:
SGSI Spectrum Global Solutions :white_check_mark:
NMTLF New Age Metals :white_check_mark:
MGCLF MGC Pharmaceuticals :white_check_mark:
VTLR Virtual Armour :white_check_mark:
LTMCF Lithium Chile :white_check_mark:
IINX Ionix Tech :white_check_mark:
MOGO Mogo Inc :white_check_mark:
HCANF Halo Collective :white_check_mark:
ALTM Altus Midstream :white_check_mark:
NVCN Neovasc Inc :white_check_mark:
KRKNF Kraken Robotics :white_check_mark:

Unable to add
(IRON) Ironveld
(BDRBF) Bombaedier Inc MC
(NNXPF) Nanoxplore Inc
(RLFTF) Relief Therapeutics
AVLNF Avalon Advanced
RCAT Red Cat
ARXRF Infinite Ore
HUTMF Hut Mining
ISCO International Stem Cell Corp
TPPRF Top Strike
MSNVF Mission Ready Solutions
VSQTF Victory Square Tech
NNXPF Nanoxplore Inc
TMRC Texas Mineral
NGPHF Northern Graphite Corp
TGIFF 1933 Industries Inc
NORZF Norzinc
NDVAF Indiva
TAALF Taal Technologies
STSBF South Star
FUSEF Fuse Cobalt
NCPCF Nickel Creek
NTTHF Neo Lithium
PYRNF PyroGenesis
CBULF Gratomic Inc
GPHOF Graphite One
PRNAF Alterity Therapeutics
GAIA Metals
SNYR Synergy CHC
LAKF Lake Forest Minerals
GTVI Joway Health
TRCK Track Group
TREN Trend Innovations

@Joey_Fantana @David


Hey @Joey_Fantana. I’ve gone back a couple of weeks and added what I can, I’m not totally clued up on the European shares but I’ve added them, especially the UK ones as I know they will have a better chance of being added. Cheers

@Joey_Fantana I’ve updated the list. Is there anything you need on the Euro ones? looks like OTC requests have pretty much stopped. I could find some ones with large volume market cap that might have a chance if you want? Thanks

Yeh we’ll keep trying but think you’re right for now. This list is useful though as once things calm down on it we can revisit.

Wee update on the Euro market ones;

  • Proton was requested but couldn’t be added;
  • AMTE was added the other day

Will update, BDRBF looks ok for OTC. 1.2 Bill Market Cap, big float and 2 mill+ volume, can’t really see any others but will keep checking.

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FCUUF added today. :+1:t2:

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Great, will search for some more later.